Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Word from God

This morning before leaving for an appointment with my Christian counsellor, I randomly flipped opened my Bible to Nehemiah and my eyes immediately fell on these words..."Let us start rebuilding." So they began this good work." chapter 2 vs 18b. Now, I know we must take the Word in context and becareful with interpreting, however, I immediately sensed God was saying to me, "I am rebuilding what has been torn down in your life. I am beginning a new and good work in you." During my counselling appointment I had a bit of a revelation - as a child I suffered a lot of trauma in my family and at the hands of some teachers (that isn't the revelation), what never occurred to me until today was that what was "stolen" from me was who God had intended for me to be! Suddenly I thought, "Who would I have been if I hadn't had certain things happen to me? If I had had good male role models would I have gotten married and had a family and not constantly chosen guys who were not good for me?"

God does have a
perfect will for us, a plan, however His permissive will allows others to exercise their free will and sin against us - unfortunately we all sin against each other. When we are young, innocent children, these sins can shape our lives in negative ways that God never intended. Here's the really neat revelation I had: God will work with what we have become anyway! If we allow his grace to move in our hearts He can still work in and through us to bring good into the world around us! He can and will rebuild what has been torn down in my life - in your life! So, that's great news. The difficulty will be allowing Him to work through the pain - deep pain in my heart - stuff buried for years. I want to see a new "building" in myself in the next year - I have opened myself up to Him to rebuild and I want to see the results! Thank God I have you Pilgrims praying me through this!!

Blessings to you all on the Lord's Day!

Love your sister in Christ Jesus,

Julie (Little Missionary)


Vicki said...

Beautiful. God has already factored into your life and mine, all those painful things that have happened to us along the way. We can't thwart the plans of God for our lives when we walk in full surrender. He uses even our mistakes! God bless you, sweet Julie. There seems to always be a tearing down of self before the Lord can fully manifest His life in us. I don't always word things right (and I'm sleepy) but I just rejoice that He's always building, working, growing us. So glad to read your post here tonight. You and I BOTH need the Lord's hand to restore what the locust have eaten.

God is doing a wonderful work in your heart, Julie. We're here for you.

Praying for my sister....

Terry said...

It is a beautiful post Little Missionary Julie.
It sounds like you will be going to church after all tomorrow and I am so glad for you!
Your seat will not be empty!

You are so very honest about your feelings and this is a big plus.
I find it hard to speak about my feelings most of the time...
Take care Treasure...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I'm so excited for what the Lord showed you today. It is with much anticipation that I look forward, along with you, to see your future unfold from the hand of God! :)

susanwalkergirl said...

Praise God indeed for His wonderful revelation to you dear one. Thank you for sharing so we too can glean from His word to you.

That was very powerful...thank you!

One thought that Beth Moore shared in one of her books or Bible studies was this that she said to her husband. "You are a better person broken and healed by God than you would have been whole.

You are spot on...with God's perfect will verses His permissive will. Blessings dear one!

passing-thru said...

Walking with God , letting HIM work in U that which is well pleasing in HIS sight

Healings and Blessings , "Looking unto Jesus", THE HEALER, THE AUTHOR , THE PERFECTOR OF OUR FAITH"

donna said...

Once again, just in reading a few of your words, I sense many ways in which our lives parallel. I have lived soooo much of my life enslaved, beaten down and suppressed...and I tell you this so you know you are not alone....because it took me a long time to let HIM get to my is difficult to do and I cowered misunderstanding the risk involved...but I finally chose to accept His free gift...hard for me to understand it was free to someone like me, undeserving yet unconditionally loved, God's longer in bondage to sin...but free...FREEEEEE to obey....and live according to His will..

praying He continues to reveal Himself to He does to each of us every day...