Saturday, August 25, 2007


My wife just handed me the Aug-Sept. Issue of "Country Woman" on page 17 an article on Amazing Power of Prayer -- 4 nice little stories of prayer --- Over on "Holy Experience" blog , she talks of prayer and how the devil does not want Christians to pray -- so true ------



Vicki said...

Thanks, Passing-thru...I'll have to zip over there and read it soon. I'm being the night owl tonight.

Terry said...

Would they be too long to post Passing-thru?
I have never heard of that magazine..

Vicki..are YOU being a night owl?
Well it is 1230 so maybe I an being one too but I guess I better go to bed!..Take Terry

PS..Vicki you have really livened the Pals site up ever since you started to pop in!..And your words are always so cheering..

Pilot Mom said...

I will second Terry's comments, Vicki! You are a welcome addition over here!

I love Country Woman magizine....I'll have to read it.