Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This beautiful photo was "borrowed" from our friend Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience. What an incredible shot!

I entitled this post "Bittersweet" because it reminds me of the tragic hot air balloon accident last weekend in British Columbia where a mother and her daughter lost their lives. Others were seriously hurt when a fireball erupted and the balloon caught fire and crashed to the ground. That's the "bitter" part.

The "sweet"? The incredible sunset and the sihouette of the barn and silo. What a mighty, loving Creator we serve!

The heavens certainly "declare the glory of God"!

Good night, pals! Thanks for your faithful prayer support!

~ David


passing-thru said...

Yes David -- great picture and an even GREATER PICTURE when we see our God Jehovah as pictured thru the Bible --- He is in control of every situation , every situation, every situation , and we "being" His children means that He is working things out so that we grow in Grace as we keep learning to Look to Him ---
Your friend, Bob --- have prayed early this morning for U , keep Trusting The One

Pilot Mom said...

I watched the news about that terrible accident. So sad. I have never been up in one and have never wanted to go up in one because of the height issue. So I'm thinking this incident pretty much cinched it for me. I'm staying on the ground (unless Pilot takes me up in his PLANE)! :)

Has Carol finished with her heart monitor? Does she know the results?

hebrews 11:1 said...

Pilot Mom-- you'll have to tell us all about that if you go up in his plane! I love flying, do you? Although I've got to say I like flight simulators, and they ARE a lot safer (my dad worked with them for a long time, and before 9/11 we could go to work with him whenever...)

How is your bursitis?

Praying for you,