Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News In Heaven

I can't seem to settle down this evening, as I think of Passing-thru's brother-in-law, George.
When my bother David passed away after having been saved for only a couple of years, this song kept playing in my heart and as I think of the glorious event of George's being born again before it was too late, well this song is playing again!
I am so happy!
Maybe in a short time this song will be repeating itself when Dad Golden gets saved and Todd, and Hebrew's friends.
God is a God of miracles and every time we see one of his miracles why are we so surprised?
It is beyond me why!! From Terry

It Made News in Heaven When I Got Saved

It didn't make the papers in this world when I prayed through,

It didn't seem to matter to all but just a few.

But in the golden streets of glory celebration banners waved

It made news in heaven when I got saved!


Angels were rejoicing,

Hallelujahs rang

When Jesus touched my life

And I was changed!

Everyone in glory's realm

Knew my name was written down.

It made news in heaven

When I got saved!

Not long ago a beggar, now a child of the King,

This old world just shrugged its shoulders, it didn't mean a thing,

But it was God's approval, my spirit really craved.

Yes! It made news in heaven, when I got saved!

Angels were rejoicing,

Hallelujahs rang,

When Jesus touched my life,

And I was changed.

Everyone in heaven's realm

Knew my name was written down.

It made news in heaven

When I got saved!


passing-thru said...


When GOD SAID -- ANGELS REJOICE when one gets saved --

susanwalkergirl said...

We will rejoice with you when you celebrate the day...that your father receives the free gift of salvation from the lover of his soul.

Unsaved loved ones weight heavy on our hearts. Your burden of love is most evident. May you take hope in knowing that God hears the prayers uttered on behalf of Dad Golden. We pray that ever so will be announcing the good news that is being celebrated in heaven...that Dad Golden is a brother in Christ.

Vicki said...

Sweet post, Terry. I join your Pals here, praying for Dad Golden's redemption day.