Sunday, August 26, 2007


New Day in Christ ! Let's remember Arlene with her cysts - Heather with her chemo - Leo to go home today and rest for Saija - Lil M to be blessed in church today - Vicki for a touch from God, for her husbands well being - Claire and Jim for their lives and the new "norms" - Heb for healing in her body - David and Carol , both can use prayer - Donna's husband to KNOW God and for Jennifer's world to be blessed - Felisol for pneumonia, for grace to be graceful, for heartache of seeing her daughter go off to school -- Susanwalkergirl to be blessed as she is faithful in testifying about God , may HE direct her to the man of HIS choice - Lauren-Mary for grace, Lauren-mae for blessings - Lisa J with her ministry of words and caring - Terry's dad to get saved , remember to mention to God about dad Golden that he won't be able to resist the Holy Spirit -- REMEMBER brethren, even though some don't request needs -- ALL Christians that are faithful to the Lord will be going thru adversities -- so remember one another - the Jel's that never ask for anything -and Peterborough Julie, I didn't forget U , there are FINANCES, HEALINGS, GUIDANCE, DELIVERANCE, - we are in a Supernatural warfare - there are demons, devils, forces at work to trip up Christians on their journey to the Heavenly City --- "LET US PUT ON THE FULL ARMOUR OF GOD " ----

---- ps. we had a great time last nite picking on David , the man with the many names --



Vicki said...

Thank you for always giving us good updates and reminders to pray...will go to the Lord again for all these needs, spoken or not. I tend to keep my needs to myself, but God is nudging me to be more open so that others can support me in prayer.

Blessings on everyone here at Pilgrim's Pals.

PS--and yes, let's keep our armour on!

passing-thru said...

Yes Vicki -- Amen to your comment

susanwalkergirl said...

Thank you PT are the best!