Thursday, August 23, 2007

Answers To The Weekly Quiz..

Terry -- connect the names - this is a quiz -

night owl ? = Pilot-mom...Claire and Donna

hawk eye ? = Passing-thru...Bob

encourager ? = Every last one of us!!!

picture taker ? = Most of us!

picture stealer ? = Ha!! The Pilgrim, Terry, and Passing-thru..Bob

the one who says how are ya ? = Sunshine herself,,,Jel....Janice.

the one that's in the clouds ? = Pilot-mom..Claire, Lisa, The Pilgrim..and Saija on occasion not to mention Jel...Janice again

one who walks thru garbage dumps looking for the lost ? = Hebrews 11:1..Little Montreal Girl.

one who intercedes ? ALL of us again!!

=one who writes for the Lord ? =Oh... Lisa, Vicki, Passing-thru..Bob, Saija, Pilot-mom..Claire, Donna, The Pilgrim AGAIN!!, Susan Walker Girl, Laura-mae., Lauren Mary...Heather, Arlene,
Little Missionary Julie, and Rodney..and my Felisol..

one who is on the other side of the pond ? = My Felisol, Rodney

Ok Ok -- I know these are too easy for U ------------ lolpassing-thru Yeh! Too easy, eh?


passing-thru said...

LOL JEL ------------ good one -- I did have one name for each but your right on multiple names for some of those ---

passing-thru said...

Re-reading your answers makes me smile --------- JEL YA JANICE !

jel said...

them aint my anwers , somebody else 's :)


Hey what's going on here anyway.
These answers are mine!!!

passing-thru said...

I was thinking of David as picture stealer - always taking from Saija's site and BEGGING FOR FORGIVNESS -------------- and then he uses OLD KING JAMES ENGLISH SO HE SOUNDS RIGHTEOUS !!

but of course I steal pictures too lol

passing-thru said...

Yes Terry -- I thought it was Jel but I didn't know U were on -- but I do now -- lol -- GOOD STUFF this quiz


passing-thru said...


How is your mom and dad doing ?

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be in on the fun in a moment...

hebrews 11:1 said...

Okay, here's my 2 cents...we (sister and I) weren't mentioned in the first quiz ;( Just joking...don't take it seriously! ;) And we go looking through garbage dumps for anything we can turn in for money, not lost souls--Lil Missionary does that! Oh, sorry, you din't know that about it, well, Saija did, but I didn't want to say that before, because EVERYONE knows we go scrounging around for "garbage" and make a lot of money doing so...I don't want to be easily identified, so I don't usually drop hints that we are known by. But I can tell you we have made over $1,500 over the past 3 years just by collecting deposit bottles/cans and returning them, not to mention the hockey equipment we find and sell at Play it Again Sports on consignment...

Here's another question for the Quiz...

When you see there is a post written at 1 AM, who's could it be?

And if there is a comment signed "Pilgrim pals" and has a bunch of dashes------who is writing?

Of course you know my characteristic periods beyond number! Well, my newspaper articles really don't look that bad, you should read them sometime. Oh, sorry, I haven't disclosed my name or the name of the paper! :)

God bless you,
Cheery Lil Pilgrim Pal


Yes, I admit, I am a night owl! But that is because it is "my" time. Jim has left for work and usually there aren't any phone calls so I have uninterupted time to read/blog/watch the news/weather or whatever my little heart desires. :)

The day can be so hectic, especially right now, since Jim isn't sleeping all day yet. I'm glad the four hours a night isn't long term. ;)

Great answers to who ever answered...for that matter, great questions!


*Grrrrrr* *Upset with self since I have NOT signed out yet*

Can you guess who just entered the above comment? Three guesses and the first two don't count!


*Hangs head in despair* Yes, it was me...Pilot Mom...and THIS comment is from Pilot Mom ALSO!!

Terry said...

Oh Passing-thru...They are doing a lot better.
Today they finally had their walls fixed and tomorrow the landlord is going to paint them so I think that things are really looking up for them now.
I finally put a post on my own blog about Mom Golden.
I took very few pictures this last three weeks other than a whole bunch at Vacation Bible School last week.
Other than that, it was a slow week as far as photography was concerned..from Terry

PS Dad Golden has been getting head aches but I think it was because of all the stress that he had been going through.

Terry said...

That sounds like you Sweet Inspirations, Julie! Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Lol - Heb -- When I posted that quiz , my thought was Lil M for looking for the lost in dumps - and I then gave the answers to the quiz AFTER TERRY posted her answers Claire --------

OK - TIME FOR SOMEONE TO QUIZ US -- lol , I like the idea of David being the picture stealer --- he won't deny it

hebrews 11:1 said...

I hope the paint doesn't mess his head, can be strong, I know from painting my grandparents' home last year. I was looking forward to it so much, and I had to content myself to painting some leaves and other artwork around my grandma's bedroom door because my head ached when I used the other paint!


hebrews 11:1 said...

WHERE's Julie, Mrs. Shirkie?

giggle, giggle,
We're ALL on here at the same time...this is like instant messaging, and it is VERY late, and I must REALLY get to bed!:)


Terry said...

Oh ! Oh! It talks like Julie but I am thinking it is our Pilot-mom!!...Terry

I do the same thing all the time Claire.
Next time you forget to sign off, just change the identity to "other" and it will let you type in your name..

hebrews 11:1 said...

That's how I do it!

(YAWN) I must get to bed...i still have to shower, brush my teeth, wrest the cat from my sister and throw her (the cat) downstairs so I can sleep well without being awakened by a playful almost-7-year-old cat...

God bless you all! Thank you for all your encouragement, and your distraction you gave me as I struggled through the memories today...I know it won't be this easy on the 13th of Sept, but with God's help, hopefully I can help my friends around me who will REALLY be struggling through that day.


passing-thru said...

NITE HEB , LPP Lil pilgrim pal

Pilot Mom said...

Nite, everyone! :)

Terry said...

Nite John-boy!! Love Terry