Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Quick Reminder, my guess is our Claire aka Pilot Mom is hurting with bursitis of which our Capt. David knows of -- would U all remember her tonight , thanks -- and of course for Jim ---David has been fighting this black hole since I met him, lets remember him to God, God knows David's needs , his heart, HE knows his wife Carol and all the stress , lets pray tonight for them as well -- there are many needs but lets pick these two couples tonight before the Lord .



David Warren Fisher said...

My dear brother Bob:

You posted your prayer request just as I was posting my update. Thanks so much! I'm struggling today. Can you tell?

Thanks for your faithful friendship, my friend! You are a blessing from God's strong hand.

Thanks for always keeping the PILGRIM PALS fires burning.

Don't burn out yourself though.

Standing together,


hebrews 11:1 said...


Thank you for posting these prayer requests.

I wonder what the news is from Arlene's MRI today?

...And please don't wear yourself out! It is bad enough i never went to bed so late in my life till I met these Pals!


passing-thru said...

David -- reading the journals of Mueller , so encouraging -- David , listen my friend -- if it was me going thru these trials that U have been going thru , your words to me would be this - IF GOD HAS ALLOWED U THESE AFFLICTIONS, ITS SO HIS GLORY COULD BE SHOWN THRU U -- that dosen't mean that U are not sick and tired of being sick and tired, it means U are human and your entitled to be "down" -- We pals will keep praying, maybe God will lead U down different paths ? or will deliver U in the midst of all this -- I am probably not much help , how can I be , really , when its U and Carol going thru it -- I do pray and remember U daily , your friend, Bob

donna said...

i am off to work....this is my last night of five in a row....sorry i havent posted much...but please know that in those night hours, I am praying for each of you and your needs....

oh...to my friend Bill Scott...I hope you do join us...and I am praying for you and your sweet family....

I invited someone new but havent heard a response yet...

good night pilgrim pals...

love to all

Terry said...

I never knew that Pilot-mom was suffering from pain.
I will be praying for her
Thanks so much for telling us Passing thru.. ... Terry

passing-thru said...

Nite Donna -- thanks for keeping us informed -- we pray for u and yours

Yes Terry , Claire has been hurting