Monday, August 27, 2007


Listen ! "Pals" Daniel in Babylon, the king dreams a dream and can't remember it, he wants the wise men to tell him his dream, they can't , he orders them killed - Daniel gets with his other Hebrew brothers, they pray - God answers ! Just like all of God's dealings with HIS people , he raised up the Josephs, the Daniels , for such an occassion as this ! GOD ALWAYS HAS THE ANSWER, THE DELIVERANCE , THE HEALING, THE FINANCES - so like Daniel 2:17 , he went and prayed with the other brothers in Christ - thats what we are doing - Who KNOWS ! but God has allowed all of these things to come upon us for such an occassion as this - TO PROVE HIM STRONG --- HE FAILS NOT -- HIS WRITTEN RECORD SHOWS THAT --
David for finances and health and guidance - SEE THAT I WILL POUR U OUT A BLESSING
Vicki for personal health, and fear for her husband Richard - I AM THY HEALER
Claire for painful bursitis and hope that her husband stays cancer free - MY ANCHOR HOLDS
Terry's sister Betty, we don't know how things are but GOD DOES
Saija's husband Leo with 24/7 pain and rest and faith in her GOD - HE WILL DO THAT
Julie, sweet insp. needs guidance this day and week from GOD - HE GIVES GUIDANCE
Julie, Lil M --- walk of obedience and faith and looking TO GOD -- HE ENABLES
Donna, for her personal life and daughters , she needs miracles - HE IS A MIRACLE
Felisol, for peace and safety for her daughter that is away and for Gunnar - HE IS WATCHING
Susanwalkergirl -- for continued guidance and a mate - HE IS THE MATCHMAKER
Heb for a touch on her body -- SHE TOUCHED THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT
Jel , our Janice for God to keep blessing this our prayer partner -- HE ABIDES FAITHFUL
Lisa J - our strong new partner -- GOD HAS ADDED TO OUR CIRCLE
Arlene , tonight for special prayer at 6 oclock - she has cysts -- GOD THE SURGEON
Heather, for handling this chemo --- may He touch her -- THE GREAT PHYSCIAN

passing-thru --- LET US HOPE IN GOD -- am praying for U all --


Pilot Mom said...

Thank you for posting our needs on a regular basis, Bob. It is so helpful to sit with the list in front of me as I begin praying anew.

Felisol said...

Dear Passing-thru,
I think we all should pray for you too. You are lifting us up in front of the Lord. He's giving you strength and wisdom, but you sure have your share of problems as well.
To me it's of great comfort to read the name of my dear ones and of myself. Today I have been a it uneasy as to how Serina is doing (she'll never tell when things are reallyy bad, always put up a brave face). My worries just ran off me when I read your words "He is watching."
I just knew things would turn out right.
Thank you for taking time to pray and care.
God bless you and all the Pilgrim Pals
Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

We pray for you too passing-thru - many blessings on you and your family!

Vicki said...

That was good, Bob--I'm just praising the Lord tonight for His mighty working power among us all...He is faithful.

Hey, Felisol is right - we thank God for you, dear Passing-thru-Bob, and pray His blessings over you tonight. You always have a good word for each of us and we thank Him for your servant heart.