Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hmm what are U ?

Spent some time with my "bride" today. We drove down to Edinburg, In. to a huge antique barn and did some window shopping . My two thoughts are these - on the way there we stopped at a Hardees fast food place for coffee and biscuit , sitting down , my wife and I bowed our heads and prayed for God's Grace to be at work in our life , for the food and for our witness to Christ. Right across from us is an older couple, when I finished praying aloud , I seen him staring at me, staring at me in a quizzacle way , he had in his hands his newspaper , it was FINANCIAL NEWS AND STOCKS. Nothing wrong with that but it did present to me quite a picture. Here I am praying to THE INVISIBLE GOD for needs, grace and for us to be a witness and here he was scouring the statistics to see what gains he may have made. He was well into his 80's and I wonder what he thought , for he looked at me like one would ,looking thru a magnifying glass, lol.
The second thought was this , at the antique barn - thousands of items once treasured by living , loving hands. Pictures, books , jewelry , all once adorned homes and persons and now sitting on shelves to be used by strangers -" the things of this world " Lay up for yourselves "treasures" in Heaven -- That antique barn with its THOUSANDS of items testify to the fleeting fame of riches - as sand slipping thru the grip of flesh -- .
Brethren, let us make a point of testifying this week to the world and in here on "pals" of God's working in our lives -- this builds up the church --


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I'm sure you and your wife were a witness to that older couple - get them thinking I hope and pray!!

Julie (LM)

passing-thru said...

Hi Julie ---------- Lil M
good to hear from U --- Tell me where U will be tomorrow morning Julie -- Hang in there Julie -- who knows what Blessings are around the corner for U --- I like that when U feel you have "little" faith -- I have seen too many "big guns" in the denominational heirachy with "all kinds of faith" and all they ever did was "stir the pot" lol --- remember the pharasee and the humble sinner on the steps saying forgive me a sinner -- Aah Julie , there is the secret of greatness -- we are nothing and HE IS EVERYTHING --

Pilot Mom said...

STore up treasures in heaven...oh yes!!! We all need reminding of this every so often!

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru..This is such a good post. I finally got to read it!!..from Terry

PS Do you think that this little poem would be good to copy and paste?

A Thousand thousand souls a day are passing one by one a day in Christ-less guilt and doom.

Without one ray of hope or light with future dark and end-less nights.

They are passing to their doom, they're passing passing fast away.

In thousands day by day they're passing to their doom.

A hundred years from now it will not make much difference friend a hundred years from now.

If you live in a stately mansion or a floating river scow.

If the clothes you wear are taylor made or just pieced together somehow.

If you eat beef-steaks or beans and cakes a hundred years from now. There's a dead-line we all must meet, no one will show up late.

It won't matter when or where each one will keep that date.

What matters friend the earthly gain for which many men will bow.

For your destiny will be sealed you'll see a hundred years from now.