Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was so tired from working yesterday, didn't get on till about 9:30 last nite and then didn't stay on but abit - slept over this morning too so this is just a quick note !

MAY THE LORD BLESS ALL OF U "PALS" - it is so exciting to see the women of depth and quality in Christian ways in here --- maybe we don't realise this, but - other blogs or fellowships would love to have these "mothers of Israel" . "Pals" is about real Service to God and that is a sore spot with the devil, the evil spirit that he is will make war on the saints, demoralizing them, stirring the pot when he can, but We have The Mighty God , The Prince of Peace, The Alpha and Omega, The One Who sits on the White Horse, His eyes ablaze as with coals of fire, The One they call THE RESSURECTION, The Living Water.

Praying for U all today, hold on the ones that are hurting the most. I see Christian Terry, and there is Christian Claire rushing over to help hold up one of our own that is down in spirit and one knee is on the ground, lifting her arms , pointing toward Heaven, calling on the Holy Spirit - The fight is on ---- here comes Donna , she has called some of her friends to pray -- Vicki is rallying troops from all over ---Saija said I am busy with Leo but not that busy, she bends her knees in prayer , The Lord lays a burden on Felisol to just happens to pray for the wounded hurting Christian , amazing this God Business -- THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT --- Lord Bless



Terry said...

Dear Pilgrim David and all the Pals
I haven't been on the computer much today because Bernie is on holdiays this week and we have been out a lot.
When we went to Rachel's she went online to the Pilgrim Pals and we read a little of it.
She appreciates so much the prayers for her mother..
And I do too.
Thanks....Love Terry

Passing-thru...You better get youself a good rest.
We can't afford having you get sick.
You are much too valuable to us all!!

Vicki said...

Passing-thru, praying for you, that your tired body would find rest and be refreshed. No matter how tired you are, you still have this wonderful way of blessing us with words that spur us on in Christ Jesus!

Just thinking how we are nothing without the Son and His mighty-working grace and power in and through us as we rest and trust in Him. The devil has no power over us. We're covered by the Blood...and thankful that the Battle has already been won because of the Cross. We can now stand our firm ground in Him, Christ Jesus our Redeemer King.

Let's minister and bring the Balm of Gilead to every wounded and hurt one here...we've all been wounded and hurt...praying the sweet grace of Jesus over every need, spoken and unspoken. He anoints our head with oil...

Vicki said...

Terry, thinking of you and praying your time with Bernie is good this week. Keeping Betty in prayer....

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

I agree - passing-thru - get your rest because you are so precious to us here! What an awesome group of believers!! A pleasing fragrance to the Lord!!

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

Dear Passing-thru,
yes it's amighty church, lead by the Almighty. The wonder is that he wants us to come to him with all our worries. As Vickie wrote, the answer is not issue, us staying in contact with God is the main thing.
I pray for you, for rest, health and wisdom. For the Pilgrim Father that his finacial burdens must be solved, that he and his family may rest in God and find rejoice.
Yours Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

Saija said...

amen to the comments of my fellow pilgrims ....

Terry said...

Guess what Vicki?
That Bill Scott is going to join us I hope!!
Wouldn't that be just tthe thing!!
Then there will be three regular guys...the Doc, Passing-thru and Bill and two sometime guys, Rodney and Jim here.
Maybe those two "sometime" guys will come on more than they have!
...Love Terry

..Off to take Mom Golden out for a coffee..

Felisol, my sister-friend,on the far side of the sea, I will be writing to you later on tonight..

Vicki said...

Hi Terry, Julie (LM), Felisol, Bob, Saija! And goodnight! LOL...on my way to bed. Hey Terry, that would be great if Bill Scott joined us! I hope so.