Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Greetings "Pals" - In the midst of trials and testings, many have stood Solid, all here in pals are veterans of many battles. The older we get the more difficult it seems to be, strange , U would think it would get easier, but God's faith is alive only for the day, for the moment. Faith is a day by day manna experience, yesterdays manna will spoil. George Mueller's Journals are full of faith building exercises that God allowed his servant to experience. He reports, 10 pounds came in for the day and the average expenses then were 124 pounds daily, yet he was calm in the center of the storm, donors died off, moved or lost interest, and God would raise new donors or send money in by different methods , George's eye was on God , not the donor or the method. This applies to all of us and not just in money - health, miracles, jobs, healings , etc.

The Amy Carmichaels, The John Bunyans , The Reese Howells, The Brother Andrews -- I can remember tithing 30% with a young family to raise on 65 dollars a week , and confounding church people by always having enough and able to get by and the family never went without -- statistically it seemed impossible but yet at the end of the month, we had surplus -- not only money, but clothing , trips , cars - HE ALWAYS PROVIDED , but as we get older , we seem to "shake" more in our faith --- ANYWAY - THIS POST WAS MEANT TO BUILD US UP IN OUR FAITH ---- I get to "rambling" lol ------ like many of U in pals, we can tell of many answers to our prayers -- LET US REMEMBER and TESTIFY TO THE GLORY OF OUR FAITHFUL GOD


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Passing-thru, and all ye Pals!

I hope all are having a good evening, and had a good day!

I just got off the phone with a neighbor who was sharing about a friend's son's autism...we began by speaking about the health and food connection, and then I recalled that I recently downloaded Focus on the Family's Autism broadcasts...so I am going to burn a copy for this neighbor' friend! I downloaded it "just in case" I should ever meet someone who could need some encouragement, and here someone is, that fast! God is good, Baruch Hashem...I've been keeping Jewish company, so if I use a little Hebrew, that's why! Baruch Hashem literally means Blessed be the Name, but it is used to mean, "Thank God!"

God bless you all,

passing-thru said...

U are a colorful character Heb , Lil pilgrim ---- U have had alot of stories of finding bibles that were needed and burning cd's -- amaging how GOD uses His children

passing-thru said...

Almost forgot to say A BIG THANKYOU for all those that commented and wished me well with rest -- I was unusually tired Monday nite , lol , getting older and alittle hard work, WORE ME OUT

Vicki said...

Bless you, Passing-thru Bob, for another mighty good post.

On Christ the Solid Rock we stand...all other ground is sinking sand.

'nite Pals!