Friday, August 24, 2007

It's me!

Hi Pilgrims,

Just a quick note - don't want you all to worry. I've been feeling so discouraged off and on this summer because I'm in a new church and it's a very hard transition. Sitting alone in the "pew" is ...frankly, an awful experience for me. I don't even know if I'll go on Sunday - it's always a last minute decision. Being alone and feeling somewhat isolated from other Christians right now as I transition into the new church is dangerous ground - it's the domain of Satan - he is loving this - I'm alone and lonely - most of my friends are too busy on weekends with their own families so I spent a lot of time alone. Satan proceeds to play mind games with me - he plays on my fears...."you'll always be'll never get married'll never have friends in the new church.....and forget about missions!" Part of me thinks, "boy I must be a dangerous Christian or Satan wouldn't bother with me!" and part of me just thinks, "It's not Satan - it's me - I'm just a hopeless case and even God has had it with my lack of faith and trust in Him."

Thanks for your ongoing prayers.

Julie (LM)


passing-thru said...

Hi Lil M !!
Yes , your personal life is lonely for now --- but God has plans for U -- somewhere in the Word , HE EVEN SAYS -- I HAVE PLANS FOR U , GOOD PLANS , not bad --- HOPE AND BLESSINGS --- ARE NOT THE PROMISES OF GOD AMEN AND AMEN AND IN HIM IS YEA and YEA --
U BETTER GET YOURSELF TO CHURCH and sing and praise and maybe U will find someone to have after church dinner with ! GO TO A SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS FOR ADULTS ---

passing-thru said...

Re-reading your post -- I copied this from what u said :" I'm just a hopeless case and even God has had it with my lack of faith and trust in Him."
Julie, we are ALL hopless cases - its the Grace of God ALONE -- no flesh will glory in HIS PRESENCE - ITS THE LOVE OF GOD THAT CARRIES US
- HE IS NOT MEASURING U , COMPARING U TO ANYONE ELSE -- your a chosen vessel , much loved by HIM and U know it --- stop giving the devil the time of day -- he is a liar , a thief , a robber , so why listen to such a devil -- LETS GET ON TRACK GIRL --- ok , enough of the hard stuff -- WE LOVE U IN PALS --- your friend , passing-thru

passing-thru said...

Third comment -- I am always too hard on U , sorry -- alot of what U go thru is from the lonliness -- I know that -- we do pray for God to direct U to His choice of a man -- forgive me for being "tough" -- His heart is for U , He knows your lonely Julie --
your friend , Bob


Hi Little Missionary Julie
I was so glad to hear from you this evening but sad to hear that you are feeling down.
Try not to miss meeting on Sunday Julie.
If you miss, your seat will be empty.
Years ago when Bernie started to miss a meeting here and there,he stopped going all together and it was so sad.
When he finally began to return to the Lord, he started back to coming to the Gospel meeting again for which I was very happy.
You just really need the fellowship of other Christians, Julie..You just DO!
You are not a hopeless case at all.
When you are saved and belong to the Lord, your middle name is "Hope"!..Love Terry


Hi passing-thur (Bob :) it's okay that you are hard on me - you are a blessing so don't worry about it.

I am so grateful for all of you! I'm still clinging to the Cross - the Lord must have felt so lonely on that Cross but the Cross is filled with hope and I have hope that God will breakthrough in my life and use me!

Julie (LM)

Vicki said...

Ah, Julie, you're in a tough place.
Satan will always try to capitalize on our loneliness, that's for sure. But you are a daughter of the Most High God -- who redeemed you and called you by name....He is not disappointed in you at all. In fact, He knows the way you'll take,and when you have been tried, you will come forth as gold!

His grace will bring you through, Julie. Focus your heart on His and let His Spirit calm you. Rest in Him and know that the fears that come...well, they might visit, but they can't stay!:-) Just cast each one out, then replace those thoughts with what you know is truth.

You're so precious and I appreciate your openness with us here...we joyfully pray for you and stand ready in the gap because of His great love.