Monday, August 27, 2007

Urgent Prayer for Friend

Please pray for this young man who writes and records songs for the Lord out in Oregon. He has expressed some urgent needs and a health matter, but hasn't shared specifics. That's okay 'cause the Lord knows exactly what is needed.

Since he asked for prayer, I also invited him here. Let's carry Bill and his little family before the Lord this next little while, that the gates of heaven would open up in marvelous ways.

Lord, that your grace, healing, and mercy would be evident to all.

Drop by
Bill's blog if you'd like to leave a note of encouragement. Thank you for praying, Pilgrims!


passing-thru said...

Will pray for Bill -- thanks Vicki

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Thank you Vicki fo being such a wonderful friend to me.

Terry said...

Hi Bill!!
I was just at your place and here you are!
Nice to see you.
I want to order about five of your far!!
From Terry

PS Vicki is everybody's friend!

Thanks for telling us Vicki..

Hi Passing-thru...Betty put in a very restful day and is feeling much better.
She has to go for blood tests tomorrow..

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be praying, too! Thank you, Vicki, for letting us know!


Vicki said...

Glad to see you over here, Bill. We care. I left you a note over at your place.

Hey Terry, that was a nice thing to say. {{hugs}} Glad Betty is resting. Praying for the tests.

Bob & Heb & Terry, thanks for those prayers for Bill and family. {{hugs}}