Friday, August 24, 2007

Voices of Thunder

Our week here at Elim Lodge is coming to a close. Last night we were treated to a dramatic thunder storm. The thunder rattled the windows in our cottage and gave the ground a mighty shake. In the midst of the storm I lay awake with my arm around Nathan (10), comforting him and enjoying the sights and sounds. The Lord game me a poem as I lay there and I got up and write down the words.

Here they are! I trust you will be challenged:


The voice of God thundered in the night sky,
Bringing with it a much-needed rain;
Lightning flashed across the heav’nly highways,
Declaring God’s great glory once again.

Listening as the torrents bathed the parched soil,
A season of refreshing finally here;
O may my hardened heart welcome Thy touch, Lord,
Imparting hope where once reigned doubt and fear.

Renew Your church, O God, send a revival,
A sovereign visitation from on high;
Baptize with fire, give us a holy passion,
Restore our vision, else we’ll surely die.

- David W. Fisher, Elim Lodge, August 24/07


passing-thru said...

Welcome back David --- welcome back

good words and an amazing gift to write like that --

hebrews 11:1 said...

Revive us again, Oh Lord! Do send a revival, how we need it!!!

Yes, Pilgrim, Amen, those words are challenging. We got that storm this delayed my dog-walking by a few hours, but that was okay.

By the way, we went to Future Shop and looked at cameras this evening--just my dad and I. I am really convinced to go with the Sony H7, and so is my dad! I found a good deal on a used one, but it sold this evening, and I am glad--it made my choise easier. Future Shop offers a 4 yr. service plan...and my salesman was a friend of one of my neighbors (my 16 y.o. neighbor!), but I didn't bother to mention to him that we'd met before! He was so kind and courteous all the same, I think I will be back there soon enough.

God bless you and keep you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal


Oh Hebrews...I am so glad that you are getting a new one.
I was going to tell you about that good deal on the Sony that David mentioned ..the 8.1 with the 15X zoom. It is 50 dollars cheaper than the one that I got last year and is a lot better.
It is only on sale until Thursday so I hope that you get it.
I have found in my day that used electronics or demonstated shelf electronics usually don't go too good!
Let me know if you get it. That camera also has a stabilizer bar which is good because with it you rarely get a blurry picture and your videos always turn out crisp and clear...Love Mrs. Shirkie