Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi Pals!

Just thought I'd hop by and say a quick hello! Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers! Day two passed without any major temptation to contact T. This is about obeying and waiting on the Lord. Even so I still would like you to continue praying for T's salvation - perhaps God could send a Christian man to him to witness and mentor him. Thank you Lord - we know it is your holy will that all men are saved!

You know what I thought of this morning? I've been praying so hard for good fellowship with other strong believers and I was so discouraged recently that I didn't have it - don't have fellowship?? But I do!! The Lord reminded me this morning that He led me to this site! I do have fellowship - with each of you and it is such a privilage.

Well, I'm hopping off to bed now for my nightly time with Jesus.

Julie (LM)

PS Please pray for my friend Debbie - she is going through a very tough time - decisions about changing churches and some other issues too. Thanks so much.


David Warren Fisher said...


So glad you find fellowship with us. We are praying for you and for Debbie!

Have a great day!


passing-thru said...

Julie -- Do The Word , doers of the Word, Looking Unto Jesus, Standing on The Rock Christ Jesus, obeying His Word , by His Spirit , bringing every thought and imagination "captive" as Vicki and Claire have said -- paul has said by the Spirit of God , I have died and Christ lives within me , (not easy to do and impossible for the self/flesh to do it at all - BUT - as the Spirit of God raised up Christ from the dead so He can raise us up to live lives holy before HIM -- (yes of course there are trials, temptations, lonliness ) but God will deal with those issues AS WE WALK THE WALK --- I believe that, I haven't always lived that , and feel for the most part a failure many times, BUT HE DOES NOT FAIL -- Lord Bless U , Lil M as U walk with HIM

hebrews 11:1 said...

I'll be adding Debbie to the list of prayer requests!

And I'm so glad that you are having a vicorious two days--keep holding fast to God's hand...He'll never let you down!

God bless you,

Lisa J. said...

Sounds like you're doing well! Keep praying and trusting.

Lisa J

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie...I will be praying for your friend Debbie and praying for you too..love Terry

Cute rabbit!. You are going to make that Noah jealous!!