Saturday, August 25, 2007

Donna's News About Arlene

This little flower is for Arlene...Love from Little Missionary Julie and Terry

Something New!
Something new has come up. I posted that I haven't been feeling very well and now we know why. My stomach has been hurting for a little while, but because it has masked itself as a UTI we couldn't possibly have been ready for what it really was. I began bleeding along with this UTI and it really wasn't bad at all, I just figured it was part of the UTI, it was not red blood, kind of brown. Not so!The Uro-gynecologist called me late on Wednesday and said that they could get me in on Thursday at 11 am. Ok, we couldn't seem to get a referral because my primary care doctor didn't know the reason Dr. Momin wanted to send me there. Finally at 10:40 yesterday morning I found out that the referral was ok'd. I got into this doctor and he was so nice. What was better for me is that my sister's daughter-in-law's sister works there. That made me comfortable, well at least as comfortable as I could be.We weren't there long and the doctor came in. He told me he was gonna put this probe in me and see what was going on. I wanted to tell him that I didn't need him to check my tonsils. I mean that thing seemed so long. As he was probing I was yelling. He pulled out the probe (finally) and said that there was too much blood and fluid. The blood was red. Not good. He sent me downstairs immediately to have an gyn-ultrasound. ANOTHER probe. That was didn't hurt. The lady was very gentle. They sent us right back upstairs to the doctor. We were there only about 15 minutes and the doctor called us back in. He had already called my Oncologist and informed him what he found.They found multiple tumors with the largest one being 13.9cm. Barry asked him how big that is and he said for two of his fingers it is 3cm. He said it is the size of a cantaloupe. He also said that it HAS to come out immediately. He also said the lining of my uterus is quite thickened. Not a good thing either. He said my Oncologist was waiting for me across the we went. Oh yeah, one of the first things he did say is that it is not definitely cancer, although suspicious. He must have told us that at least 3 encouraging! The Oncologist said first of all, this is not definitely cancer...he told us that a few times also. He said that it could be cysts. I have to have a CAT scan on Tuesday morning at 7:00 am. Then I will possibly see the surgeon on Thursday. They are going to call me with that. I will probably have surgery the next week, if not next week. I just got off the phone with the Cancer Center to see if I had to go get blood and no, I don't. My platelet counts were good. The doctor was concerned that I may have lost so much blood that I would need a couple of units of blood today but thank the Lord, I don't! That would have taken at least 6 hours. I didn't think I lost that much blood but what seems like a little to me may have been a lot!Although it doesn't sound good, that is when God can and does work in these situations. Do we understand this...absolutely not. Are we still gonna stand strong...absolutely! What we are asking is for everyone to join us in prayer. If you can join us on Monday night before I have to have the CAT Scan on Tuesday morning, that would be wonderful. Another thing is that I have gotten several PET Scans and Barry asked the Oncologist if this showed up in the last PET Scan which was July 3rd. Nothing was there at that time. I can't believe I could grow a cantaloupe that quickly!!!Love and appreciate you all and all of your prayers!By His Stripes....Indeed!


Jim said...

Arlene, I've marked my Monday night calendar for a special prayer for you and the medical personnel.
I pray for you nearly every day.

passing-thru said...

WILL BE PRAYING TOO --- ESPECIALLY MONDAY NITE ---------- Lord Bless U Arlene -- and thanks Donna for filling us in --- good to have U with us donna -------------

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Count me in too for praying Arlene! You seem to have a sense of humour though this (eg growing a cantalope) and that is important!

Thanks Donna for keeping us up to speed on Arlene.

Julie (LM)