Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fish & Passing-Thru & 22

Just a brief observation from David, the Pilgrim, Doc, Fish, Big Fish, Hose Man or whatever you want to call me.

Have you ever noticed that Bob (passing-thru) and David are the only two men who are part of PILGRIM PALS? We get the occassional comment from Jim or Rodney but Fish and Passing-Thru are the only two 22 (plus or minus a few) women or "mothers of Isreal" as Bob calls you.

Do we feel outnumbered? In a way, yes, and yet we are thrilled with the quality and commitment of the godly women who are our sisters in the Lord at PILGRIM PALS.

One of these days perhaps Bob and I will welcome another male PAL. Wow! What a "trinity" that will be! Just kidding...but it would be nice!

Just an observation...


David (and Bob)


passing-thru said...


Just checking around and discovered Felisol is down with pneumonia --- !! Lets remember her


Got me smiling David --- the HOSE MAN , I prefer the PICTURE STEALER ------ ITS GREAT TO HAVE U BACK -------------

your humble friend and fellow Christian , Bob

Terry said...

Yes David...I had noticed that!
But it is the same way everywhere.
Like I was telling our Little Missionary Julie, when I lived in Ottawa, there were ten girls to every guy in population.
That is the reason when Betty and I moved down to the Niagara Region, I popped the questiom to Bernie before I left!!
Yes siree, I wasn't going to take a chance and lose that boy!!..Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Yes, I have noticed this - I didn't want to point out the is interesting though.

Julie (LM)

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, Terry! *laughing* You crack me up! :D