Friday, August 24, 2007


Going off to work in a few -- Reading in Malachi , U know , The Tithing Book , lol -- but did think of this , WE CANNOT OUTGIVE GOD - if we could see all the blessings that HE has bestowed upon us - not just material things but ALL things. In Isaiah , HE says to His people , come reason with ME , I have provided for U , I have waited and longed for fellowship with U, I seen U thru the wilderness , food and water and clothing did not wear out AND YET , U kept your secret idols in your tents. The Heart of God has constantly been hurt by us people.

I prayed this morning that this day, I would be a Thanking Christian. I want to Thank HIM , the Great THREE in ONE for All HE has done and for ALL HE has promised to do. I want HIM to search me thruout and find any and all leaven in me . Mainly, I want to be pleasing to HIM.



prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Hi pals! I was just enjoying last nights conversation on here.

I think Heb told you all about the soldier that died in the line of duty early this month. This is the link for a tribute on God-Tube

It's very beautiful. But it's just hard for me to see.

Sad Little Montreal Girl

Anonymous said...

sorry it didn't copy right