Thursday, August 23, 2007

We have had fun tonight with that quiz -- all the comments and lite hearted -- Tomorrow new issues, new challenges - I thought some of the posts this week were AWESOME - Claire's and Vicki's -- deep thinkers and followers of The Lord Jesus --- I am amazed at the thought of ETERNAL LIFE and that LIFE IS IN CHRIST --- HE IS ETERNAL LIFE , one hundred billion years we will be alive , happy , and that will never end --- IMAGINE --


----- remember our needs and pray more - Claire and Jim , they are just beginning their journey - Vicki and her husband , many new adjustments - Arlene and Heather , what a struggle and what testimonies they both are -- Lil pilgrim pal's family -- Julie Lil M - Donna and her Jen , that God would work miracles in their lives --Felisol's family -- Julie sweet insp. , how is your job going ? --Saija for her daily struggle , marriage, health, trials , she says things in a few words but so full of meaning ! - David and Carol , health and finances, future guidance --for Jel too , she is silent mostly but we know that Godly people face trials --- Thankyou Lord for encouraging us and for doing a good work in the Golden Family and may the testimony of the Goldens bear witness to their landlady -- GOOD NITE PILGRIM PALS -- your a blessing to me



jel said...

very cool picture!

we all know I don't talk that much, not even at home!

nite all

sleep sweet!
"resting in HIS arms"

susanwalkergirl said...

Passing Thru Bob...we do give thanks to God for you...that you have stopped to share with us and spend time with us. You are more than "passing thru". Thank you for daily choosing to recognize people in need of prayer...those that are hurting or in need. Thank you for praising God for His work in the lives of people...His pilgrim pals. Thanks for recognizing the work of our special pals in how the praise God and glorify Him in their work and in their lives. Thank you for having a tender heart toward all. You are a wonderful witness of Christ and an example to follow as you follow Him. Blessings...and rest well.

May we all rest in the Lord and praise Him daily. May we praise Him with our words and our deeds and actions towards others.

Pilot Mom said...

Amen to what Susan said! I believe the same can/should be said of you, Bob, you are a blessing to us. :)

jel said...

I third that !

Terry said...

And I fourth that for sure...
You caused quite a stir in here last night Passing-thru.
It tired me right out and I went to bed earlier and slept all night!!
It is a quarter to seven and Dad Golden will be phoning soon so I thought I would say Hi to everyone before he wakes me up..Ha!!
I hope everyuone has a really blessed day...Love Terry

PS..I have to go and find me a Little Missionary, Julie.
I think she has been playing hide and seek!!

passing-thru said...

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THIS DAY -- Thanks so much for such kind words -- We are all a blessing to each other ---
I see Terry now, looking for the Lil M , God makes us like HIMSELF, loving, kind , caring and looking for the lost and hurting