Thursday, August 23, 2007


Had trouble at first getting into pals this morning -- PRAISE GOD --- spent time in prayer and the Word first thing this morning --- WHAT GREAT POSTS WE HAVE TODAY -- so touching is Terry's post - she is the encourager --- Col. 3 : 1 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are ABOVE - What "things" would those be ? --- We know what we need here to live, food , water, fellowship, health etc. but what things would those be ? --- Maybe , the "mind" of God , The "things" that are important to God ? -- Hmm, "For God so loved the world , that HE gave us HIS only begotten Son . " I have come that ye might have LIFE " -- how about The Fruit of the Spirit , that we may become more CHRISTLIKE ---- for HE said " This is my beloved Son , listen to HIM " ---

May I seek the things ABOVE - passing-thru


Terry said...

Glad that you got through Passing-thru and with such a great verse to start the day with along with the verse that that night owl, Donna posted!

Hmm...How 'bout that... one "night owl"[compliments of Terry] and one "hawk-eye"[compliments of Little Missionary Julie]...Can't get much better than THAT!...from Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Can someone please post this...

Thank you to ALL the pals who encouraged me after I poured out my heart last night on here. As long as I don't think about the sun shining like it did a year ago, I should get through okay :)...Sunny days seem to hurt the most, I wear the pain like a heavy coat, Only one thing gives me hope...I know I'll see you one day. (It's a country song called, "Who You'd be Today).

Thank you for all your prayers, and your kindness to me. I am so blessed to know you Pals...

I will let you know the news on my dad when I can...


I just have to share with you this laugh I get every time I sign my "name"...when I was little, no one could come up with a nickname for me. And it would frustrate them, because all my friends had nicknames! When I was 14 I taught my sister my middle name to say, because it was easier than my first name, and I changed it slightly...some of you know my middle name, just change the ending, and that's what it was. But you'll never guess how I spell it! Anyway, here I am going by Lil Pilgrim Pal/LPP/Heb/Hebrews 11:1, and I think my old friends would love to have called me some of these names!

passing-thru said...

Terry -- connect the names - this is a quiz -
night owl ? =
hawk eye ? =
encourager ? =
picture taker ? =
picture stealer ? =
the one who says how are ya ? =
the one thats in the clouds ? =
one who walks thru garbage dumps looking for the lost ? =
one who intercedes ? =
one who writes for the Lord ? =
one who is on the other side of the pond ? =

Ok Ok -- I know these are too easy for U ------------ lol