Saturday, August 25, 2007



Here are two announcements concerning our PILGRIM PALS fellowship/ministry:

1. Donna has a new blog entitled FOOTSTEPS OF GRACE which replaces her previous one. You can read more about Donna and check out her posts at: We wish Donna God's richest blessing and she carries on her blogging ministry at a new address. We love you, Donna!

2. Our friend Lisa J. has asked to join PILGRIM PALS and I have furnished her with our username and pasword. We have enjoyed her comments, the photos of hers that I (David) have stolen/borrowed (Ha! Ha!) and her blog entitled THOUGHTS FROM THE TEAHOUSE. Lisa J's blog is our featured blog of the month for August. Check out the link at the top right-hand side of this site or go to: Be sure to welcome Lisa J. to our fellowship!

Keep praying and encouraging...dear ones!



passing-thru said...

YES -- WELCOME ABOARD LISA J -- another "mother of Israel" this blog site is RICH in Faith and Experience with the women in here --

donna said...

Welcome Lisa...I think you are the first blogger I have met from NY...and what a pleasure it is...Blessings to you...

P.S. if there is anyone else here from NY, I apologize...I sometimes get in trouble just for thinking...

donna said...

I forgot to say thank you, so thank you....

David Warren Fisher said...

Donna, dear friend:




Terry said...

I stole one of Lisa's photos too Passing-thru.
Why are you always giving that David the credit?
I thought you were my friend!!
The shoe fits me too, eh and I wear it!!..from Terry

Lisa I am glad you joined and Donna I am glad you continued to blog!!
Love Terry