Friday, August 31, 2007

Dodging the Bullet

Well, dear Pilgrim Pals, the day is almost over, August will soon be history and our mortgage will be paid. Another miracle at the 11th hour! God certainly provides in unusual way and He did it again today. You can read the details when I release my book.

What a week it's been! Whew! I'm glad it's over and yet I can't get my head around the fact that September is less than an hour away. Time has passed so quickly! It reminds me of an old hymn we used to sing back in the olden days ( aren't I sounding like a grandpa?):

Life at best is very brief,
Like the falling of a leaf
Like the binding of a sheaf,
Be in time.

Tonight Matthew and Nathan went with me to a Peterborough Petes scrimmage. Training camp began two days ago. The hockey season is just around the corner. It was refreshing to have players who haven't seen me for several months come up to me and ask when we're going to start MONDAY WE HAVE FISH, our twice-monthly chapel services.

Before I sign off I want to thank everyone who wished Matthew a Happy Birthday. We read PILGRIM PALS together and I told Matthew a little bit about each one who passed along greetings. THANK YOU!

Secondly, thanks for everyone who prayed for a miracle today. God answered and we praise Him for that.

Good night, dear ones, and, as I so often say, "Have a good and godly weekend!"
~ David


LauraMae said...

Oh David I am so happy for you, this is just great news, Praise God!!

Vicki said...

Praise you Jesus \o/

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, David!!! Praise HIM for His faithfulness! For His provision! Praise Him for your deliverence! How I am rejoicing along with you, Carol and the other Pals!

God id GOOD ALL the time!!!

Praying prayers of gratitude for His total SUFFIENCY!!

passing-thru said...

WOW --- That is awesome ---

We need to hear details --- much of this is faith building and would this be God's affirmation for U to continue on "living this way" ? In essence , we Christians are all to live by faith --- GOOD NEWS DAVID --


susanwalkergirl said...

Praise Him...His abundant mercy endures forever! Blessing David.

donna said...

Praise God....
WOW !!

Terry said...

So happy to hear this Pilgrim David...Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

HURRAH! Oh, I was praying and thinking of you guys all day yesterday, and I was hoping against all odds I would get on here and read a good report! Thank you Jesus!!!

Wow, Pete's camp already! I have been a little out of touch with sports this summer, so I was wondering when all the hockey trainng camps will start. You know, as of right now I'm still biased and I like the 67's better than the know how hard I prayed during the '05 Playoffs for the Petes to be beaten by the 67's, and to think that poor you was working with them!!! I really felt bad when I first found you on here, but you might yet convince me to cheer for your team :)

God bless you,

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thank you Lord God!! We rejoice in this with you David!!

Julie (LM)

Felisol said...

I would also like to hear some encouraging details.
I've been praying with hope. Now it's time to rejoice.