Friday, August 31, 2007

Adressing CBD being bought by JW's...

I was quite disturbed when I read the comment about CBD being bought by Jehovah Witnesses so I did a search. You can read about it for yourself here:

and why they choose the producst they choose:

Unfortunately, I believe that a rumor has been perpetuated, similar to the Proctor and Gamble one about the company being tied to satanism. If CBD has been sold to Jehovah Witnesses then I would be interested in reading a news article or some other solid information that tells us the factual story.

We always need to be aware of how the enemy works. He would like nothing better than to discredit a solid Christian business. Anyway, thanks for the heads up so I could research it. My policy has always been to do like the Bereans did in Acts, take what I hear and compare it with truth. In their case, they were comparing the good news which they had heard preached with the Scriptures which they new to be truth. (Acts 17:11) Now, obviously I cannot compare this news to Scripture but I can research newspapers or articles which have been published to find out the authenticity of what is being purported. Thanks for providing the "heads up" so I could dig deeper. Much appreciated.

Pilot Mom


David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your godly wisdom!

Have a wonderful day, dear friend!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Pals!

I am a bad journalist if I cannot back up my information with a reliable source and accurate facts...All I can say is, the owner of a local Christian book store told us this about CBD yesterday. My mom came home and googled it and turned up nothing-- to which my dad replied that that means nothing, too, either way. When I read this post here I picked up the phone and called back the store owner who said he knows this from a reliable source, and told me to look up who the owner was or just CALL them! So, I called CBD--at which point I REALLY felt like newspaper articles have been easy compared to this. The lady who answered the phone there said she thinks it is Ray Hendrickson, which is consistent with their website. So, I googled his name. I still came up with nothing.

I DO NOT want to be spreading a rumor, but I WOULD like to get to the bottom of this if in fact this is true, or is not true! If you guys can think of some way to better look into it, I would appreciate it. I would love to tell you the name of the bookstore/owner so you can call him yourself (I know the # by heart, in fact!), but I feel that would really jeopardize my anonymity...I hope you understand.

I will keep on looking into this, and thank you Pilot Mom for looking into it, too.

God bless you,

susanwalkergirl said...

I think we've all fallen prey to those type or rumors at one time or another.

Here is one of the websites I use to verify e-rumors. It's was started by a godly Christian man Rich Bueller.

You can even submit stories that you would like answered if it's not already included.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks Susan for another site to use! :)

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