Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Wishes Before The Day Is Done...

Dear Terry,
I hope it isn't too late for a birthday wish, seeing as the day will soon be over! I've been out most of the day and did not have the chance to get on here to wish you a most happy of birthdays!!
I see you've already been given some is one more for you. I promise that it has no calories! Feel free to share it with everyone else, but make sure that "The Fish" asks you nicely! (He's really been on your case lately, hasn't he??) :0)
Hope your day was wonderful! May God richly bless you throughout the coming year!
Love Julie - Sweet Inspirations (and Andy & Madeline)


passing-thru said...

What a nice post --- Hi Julie -

Terry is such a deserving Lady --

donna said...

I second that...


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Yummy looking cake!!!

Julie (LM)

Vicki said...

Hope your birthday was FUN.

Terry said...

All these cakes look so yummy Julie.
I was delt a cruel blow this afternoon.
While I was taking Dad Golden home from my surpise party, didn't one of John and Betty's grandchildren[Rachel's Golden Retriever dog] help himself to a piece of my birthday cake?!
Well apparently after Rachel had cut out the piece that the dawg had licked, she cut the cake into pieces and by the time the birthday girl got back, well there was everybody, each chomping down a slice of MY birthday cake!
No Happy Birthday to you Aunt ice cream nothin'!!
Some slap in the face THAT was Pals!
I will just have to satisfy myself with looking at the different yummy cakes that some of you have sent...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

oh, YUM!! What could possibly be better than a cake without calories?!!! I can only think of one thing...the salvation of Terry's dad!!! :D We continue to pray Terry!

Terry said...

Thanks Pilot-mom..
Guess what?
Dad never goes out except at Chrismas Eve.
He is a stay at home dad!
But Dad Golden came to my suprise birthday party!!
I just know that the Lord is speaking to him and that He will save him!...Love Terry