Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perfect ending to the day....

This was the sunset this evening in my neck of the mountains! I thought I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy something so magnificent! I haven't been on the computer much lately but I have been popping into Pals to read and stay caught up with prayer requests. I've been suffering from bursitis but I am improving. I went to see my NUCCA chiropractor who is so gentle--none of the yank and jerk stuff for me (no offense to anyone who might use a yank and jerk chiropractor).

Jim has been complaining about food not tasting good after a few days of it tasting pretty well. Turns out he has thrush again. I'm telling you, everything gets messed up with radiation. I went and picked up his Rx so he should be back enjoying food in a day or so.

Thank you all for praying. Truly, I cannot imagine a person having to go through a day without friends...brothers and sisters in the Lord, who are faithful to lift up one another before our Lord and Savior. What a terrible world it be. It matters not if it seems like a small request or a large request, He addresses them all. And personally, I don't know anyone who is ever struck with "small" prayer request. In my book, if it is happening to me it MUST be LARGE! ;)

Pilot Mom


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Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
I am praying for Pilot Dad, that these side effects from radiation may go away, for you, that you may get some quiet days without any stress.
I am writing super early in the morning, because I cannot sleeep.
Serina has got a new infection, the school could not help her with a doctor's appointment, we have sent two packages with a letter from her doctor here in Haugesund and mountain hike equippement. Serina came to late to the postoffice to collect them yesterday, and later this day she's off on a two days mountain hike.
I do feel lost and too far awy to reach out and be a needed help to my ill kid.
Have of course tried to explain the situation to the school managemant,- but I kind of did not get through.
I've found these words from Iseiah 45:2,3
2 I will go before you
and will level the mountains [a] ;
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.

3 I will give you the treasures of darkness,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

Yet I need some to pray with me. That the Lord must protect my child and heal her illnesses.
I do worry and I am scared.
I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have one's child in the army...I pray for those kiddos as well.
Thank you for listening, and thank you for being there, praying.
Yours Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

Pilot Mom said...

Felisol, I pray for your daughter every day! I pray for her when I am praying for Pilot. :) I think because they are both only children is why I group them together.

It is difficult to be away from your child, no matter their age, when they are sick. I have been so concerned for Serina because of how sick she was. She will be very susceptible to infections because of 1)having been so sick and 2)because she is in a new environment surrounded by new people. However, you and I both know that God is greater than any distance and He knows her better than even you since He created her in you.

I love these verses which you have shared. He will be going ahead of Serina and laying flat the mountain she will be hiking.

I am praying for you as I type that you will be able to sleep. My guess is that you are awake because of your worry for your precious daughter.

Dear Friend, lay it all in His lap and close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow your mind to shut down and go to sleep.

We will all be praying for Serina, as well as you and Gunnar.

Felisol said...

It's 11 in the morning in Norway.
God opens gates of bronze and cut bars of iron, indeed.
But I have had to walk through the doors myself, I am not lame.
I got through to Serina's doc here in town, he phone perscription on antibiotoics acroos the country, and got in contact with school administration, who fetched the medicine and brought it to Serina on her way to the mountains.
Health care in Norway is pritty bureaucratic, so without God opening doors this could not have been done within half an hour.
Honour to the Gate opener and to Pilot Mom who helped praying.

Pilot Mom said...

Praise God, Felisol!!!

Vicki said...

praising God for this! Incredible to read, but what a mighty God! oh, Felisol {{hugs}}

Pilot Mom, you continue in my prayers as well....