Saturday, August 25, 2007

Have a Wonderful Day, Terry

Terry, I pray that you will celebrate today with more than a burnt muffin from McDonald's. You deserve it!

In a concerted effort to forget the strawberry patch forever we have made a raspberry birthday cake for you, dear one. Hope you enjoy it!

We love you and thank God for your friendship, prayers and encouragement!

~ David and all the other Pilgrims


passing-thru said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY -- Mmmmm rasberries

Terry said...

They sure don't look like raspberries to me David Fisher!!
Are you still thinking about that Pilgrim Pal who apparently fell head long into a strawberry patch?
Will you ever let that tragic accident be forgotten?
I hope not!!! Ha!!..Love Terry

PS Thanks for the card Captain Doc !
Thanks for the memories!