Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ARE WE THERE YET ? not yet

Have a good day Pilgrim Pals -- Vickie , thanks for visiting yesterday ! Lisa J , drop some good bible truth on our doorstep anytime, Terry, we didn't hear from U yesterday, am sure U are tired , be encouraged Aunt Terry --Donna , we are remembering U , Saija , your posts the other day so touched us , Susanwalkergirl , its great hearing good Gospel words from U - Lil M, anchored to THE ROCK , and not feelings , -- Jel, U never ask for anything but U are always encouraging , - Sweet Inspirations, Lord bless on your new endeavor - DAVID and Carol , appreciate your declaration of God's Love inspite of the difficulties -- Heb and prayingsensfan keep encouraging others - Lauren-Mary, your doing great on your walk, your smile and testimony are a blessing -- Lauren mae continue to pray for friends , its what God wants --Felisol , how is Gunnar doing ? -- Claire is up on Cloud 9 with Pilot home --Arlene and Heather continued healing --Curious servant, Trust the Lord to help U , HE promised never to leave U --- Pilgrims, the ones that are hurting the most, please remember to pray for them -
GRAB SOME BIBLE VERSES - LETS START THE DAY DECLARING THE GOODNESS OF GOD - others will see something in us and we can share God's plan of salvation -- THE PILGRIMS ARE STILL ON THE JOURNEY --- LORD BLESS each and every one

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