Friday, August 17, 2007


Neat when one awakes during the nite hours and U find yourself praying for the "pals" - Oh , if we knew the Holy Spirit better , we would "lean" on HIM more and less on ourselves ---

John's gospel 12 chpt. - what vivid pictures of Christ , love and devotion and religion and flesh of this world -- One can see how God is in CONTROL of every minute situation, John 11:50,51 , Caiaphas gives prophesy of THE GREAT CHRIST and HIS REDEMPTIVE SACRIFICE , sinful , fleshly , religious man , God pulls thru his lips ORDAINED MESSAGE , lol , Who is in CONTROL of All of our life's doings ? GOD IS. - 12th chpt. The Paschal Lamb comes to Mary, Martha and Lazarus's house - The same Lazarus that was dead and Martha said yes Lord , in the ressurrection day he will rise again and Christ said , Martha, I AM THE RESSURRECTION DAY ! and that which was dead LIVED ! - Same chpt . and we see Mary, taking precious , costly ointment and washing THE LIVING REDEEMER'S FEET , then lovingly, appreciatively wiping HIS feet with her long soft hair . What a picture , God has left us for a Witness of Christian Love. Costly sacrifice of precious oil , perhaps oil that was intended for old age income, Freely , pouring it on the feet of THE ONE . Then unashamed of her position, she bends low and wipes with her hair, the symbol of her beauty, long flowing hair. May we show HIM today , our devotion and love for HIS GIFT to us. What a picture , what love and what a GOD we have.

Lord Bless U pilgrims today --- passing-thru

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