Friday, August 3, 2007

Brother Bob

Today we praise God that our dear friend and Pilgrim Pal, Passing-Thru or Bob McCabe, is beginning his new job.

We could take a phrase concerning Samuel, voiced by Hannah, and say, "For this job we prayed."

Bob, we pray that today will certainly be, as Woodrow Kroll from Back to the Bible says, "a good and godly day".

We love you, Bob! Thanks for all you do as you outline and post our prayer requests and keep us updated on God's dealings with His Pilgrim Pals.

Your friend and fellow-laborer,



susanwalkergirl said...

Congratulations Passing Thru Bob! Wonderful news. It is so good to put a face...and see the man who brings comfort, hope and encourages so many of our pilgrim pals. We pray God will guide, lead, strengthen and encourage you each day in this new venture.

jel said...

Blessings, passing-thur (Bob)!

Pilot Mom said...

I've been praying all day as I get around doing my things which need to be done...housework! :) Pray it is indeed an abundant blessing!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Many blessings Passing-thru! We love and appreciate all you say on Pilgrim Pals!


passing-thru said...

Thankyou all again for such nice compliments -- I was so glad to hear U mention Woodrow Kroll - I enjoy the tone of his voice and his good commentary --- a voice from the past for me ---

Saija said...

blessings on you - my passing-thru friend ... it is indeed nice to put a face to the encourager! :o)

passing-thru said...

Thankyou Saija -- Seeing that post for me really made me feel good --
Good example of the deeds that we do for people , no matter how small the "deed" doing it IN CHRIST'S NAME brings Honor to HIM and makes the recipient feel good.

We remember U and Leo and for U to be "held" up by HIS STRENGTH --

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Passing-thru,

I thought of you all day yesterday as I worked (I was worn out by the time I came home, and still had m household chores to get done). On top of that (we rotate amoung all us children the housework), my rotation was especially difficult, and with little time to get it done before dinner...I would love to take today off as my rest, but we are having our friends over for praise/worship/Bible study/sharing/praying this evening, so I have to clean the livingroom.

At any rate, I prayed all day that you were having a better day than I was! ;) I don't think I like working two service-type jobs in one day! I'll have to see how I can fix my schedule next week.

You are a blessing indeed; I can't imagine what Pals would be without your continuous contributions! especailly your prayer requests lists!

God bless you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

passing-thru said...

Thankyou Heb --- all that U say about me is nice and I am glad U prayed all day for me as I felt re-assured as I learned the routine - but so far as being valuable , wow, I feel this strongly, that U and your sister and family are a real testimony of GOD'S LOVE IN ACTION ---- of that I have no doubt --- thx again Lil pilgrim