Thursday, August 9, 2007


This is from David - To all our faithful "pals" Thanks for praying one for another , "Looking Unto Jesus, The Author and Finisher of our faith" Remember "us" in prayer . 2Cor.1:8,9 - Paul said , "we are pressed beyond measure, so that we even despaired of life , vs.9 says that we should not trust in ourselves but in GOD" vs. 11 says that U all by PRAYER helped us. So for this Thursday, have a GODLY DAY and Carol and I are "standing with you all"

This is from Bob , passing-thru ---------- thankyou all for remembering my mom this morning as she is having that stent put in --------- Lord Bless , Let us walk in the Spirit ----

Remember Dad Golden, and for our aunt Terry, Heb. healing, Arlene and Heather, Claire's Jim for continued healing and strength -Saija and Leo for God to give strength in their lives, Donna the intercessor to be guided , Jennifer for her family life to be restored ,Vickie's husband, Ron and Lisa - Felisol's hubby Gunnar - her friend Liv , for Pilot to arrive home safely --David and Carol , lets bring Carol before the Lord hourly - !! ----prayingsensfan woman friend of family that lost a son and is so discouraged - FORGIVENESS from Lauren, her honest testimony the other day -- Julie Lil Missionary for continued stability and peace - lots of needs , GOD KNOWS THEM ALL --- and a BIG WELCOME TO LISA J we hope U drop in and share good words from time to time ------ THANKYOU ALL --

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