Thursday, August 9, 2007


Time for bed, I am tired, lol -- this new job is a little more work than I care for , but for now, Praise the Lord, for I am working --- my foreman, is praying before he eats, and I know he has watched his words, and I feel indebted to God for this - I can see HIS HAND on this man's life in only a few days -- who knows? maybe this job was for him -- I LOVE THE WAY GOD WORKS - Let us look for God's working in our lives and the lives around us .

I want to say again, THANKYOU for the many that prayed for my dear mom --- this is not prayer requests or to remember the ones sick or needing , this is just names of people that have come to mean alot in "PALS"

DAVID (who is PALS) TERRY, CLAIRE, DONNA, SAIJA, ARLENE, HEATHER, LAUREN MARY, LAUREN MAE, HEB, PRAYINGSENSFAN, FELISOL, JEL, OTTAWA JULIE, PETERBOROUGH JULIE, again, here is the dilemna, am sure there are others , but forgive me if I missed any --- BUT TO THESE NAMES and the others , I bend my knees to the Father of Christ, and Thank HIM for my friends in here -- LET US PRESS ON --- not to be faint of heart, but strong in HIM ---------- passing-thru --------- good nite my friends


Pilot Mom said...

I couldn't agree more! :D

Terry said...

We are blessed to have YOU Passing-thru.
I feel I must add your name to the list that you have here...From Terry