Sunday, August 12, 2007

Growing Old

North Side of 60

My body's growing older
My hair is fading fast;
There's much less of a future
So much of life has passed.

Yet life is so exciting
So much still left to do;
God's strength, I know, will aid me
I love Him so! Don't you?

He'll take this aging body
With all its aches and pains;
And use it for His glory
Some losses mixed with gains.

So as I journey homeward
With His hand clasped 'round mine;
I'll trust the Mighty Shepherd
And His great plan divine.

So join me weary pilgrim
And lean upon His word;
Let's share the old, old story
The greatest ever heard.

There is no greater pastime
Than walking with the Lord;
So leave your "things" behind you
He is your Great Reward!

~ David W. Fisher, August 2007

Written during a particularly difficult time when things spiritual, physical, emotional and financial were on a collision course. In the midst of the trial, God's mighty hand was revealed in all His glory! Hallelujah!
Note: Thanks to Lisa J. over at the Teahouse for the great picture which I found on her site! Blessings!


passing-thru said...

Was this written today David or at another time -- only normal to think "old" or "north of 60" after trials -- I remember well , years ago , when a wonderful Christian farmer said to me in his short New Hampshire way , "I think the Lord may come soon for me" he had heart problems and he was tired - in his late 50's then - I talked with him on the phone just the other nite - going strong for the Lord , this man is a humble force for the Lord , and he is still here - so David, yes, North of 60 but The Lord is preparing U for better days -- I know your tired , and HE KNOWS THAT TOO -- your friend, Bob

passing-thru said...

Re-reading your post -- U stated on the bottom comment - "were on a collison course" does that mean that God stepped in ! We trust that is the case -- will be praying for U tonight as U get some more of those anti-biotics --
Love U "IN CHRIST" Bob

hebrews 11:1 said...

You are not growing OLD... you are growing WISER! ;)