Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Okay - the tears have stopped, The plan of God has not detoured one-ioda - His Purpose and Plan is right on course --- we have needs , let us remember All who are hurting the most -- Heb friend of the family , this poor woman lost her son last week and has cancer -- Julie (sweet inspiriations) we have not heard how she made out -- Remember Terry's folks - they had a hard week with a "spring" type cleaning - lots of work when in a small space, Terry and her sister and niece helping out -- Arlene and Heather - Donna with computer issues and hackers -remember Jennifer , Donna's oldest --Lil Missionary, guidance and peace -- Ron and Lisa - Gunnar , Liv -- Saija and Leo, the ongoing struggle with pain and effort -Heb. with healing -- David and Carol - new home, direction , discouragement - EVER NOTICE , that many of the ones going thru the "most" seem to encourage "others " the most -- LORD BLESS U pilgrim pals --- how about this song -- " I HAVE RETURNED TO THE FATHER OF ABRAHAM, SHEPHERD OF MOSES , WHO CALLED HIM THE GREAT I AM , HE'S JESUS TO ME , ETERNAL DIETY , PRAISE HIS NAME, -- I HAVE RETURNED --

passing-thru --- good nite my friends --- what a future we have ---


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks for the wrap up Passing thru. Goodnight and God bless you!!


Terry said...

Oh I am so happy that you take the time to write out this list Passing-thru.
My rememory is so bad sometimes..
Good night now and Good night to you our own special little missionary, Julie...Love Terry

donna said...

I am off to work now....trying to catch up with everyone and all that is going on in your lives....thank you for your prayers...I love working nights and taking and praying to God in the quiet hours....sensing His presence around all of you as you sleep....the sweetness of Him...He is so good....night pilgrim pals.


David Warren Fisher said...


Don't give up! Hang in there! We love you! We're praying for you!

In Him,