Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm Here, My Friends

Greetings, PILGRIM PALS!

First of all, what do you think of the header on our site? As you know, I had a smaller edition of it on the sidebar but was able to figure out how to re-size it to fit the top of our blog. I've added the description about what we're all about to the sidebar.

This has been another hectic weekend. Yesterday we took our son Nathan (10) to Joy Bible Camp near Bancroft, Ontario. Earlier in the day we had attended a special function for families with children who have Asperger's Syndrome (like Matthew does).

Victoria is staying at our married daughter Tammy's house for a few days. Tamara was away for the weekend with another caregiver giving us some respite.

This morning Carol and Matthew attended a function for families with special needs.

That left just me, the Pilgrim, to attend our worship service. It was a fruitful time.

This afternoon Carol, Matthew and I went to view a possible home for us to purchase. We need to downsize considerably. As you know, just the thought of having to move upsets my stomach. That is nothing, though, compared with some of the circumstances which other Pilgrim Pals (like Heather) are facing. Thanks for your ongoing prayer support as we trust God for a financial miracle. Thanks, Bob, for your faithfulness in bringing us before the Father. It means so much.

Well I better close. Be sure to keep Felisol in your prayers. It saddened us to read her news about the passing of Sigve. He is now in the presence of the Lord rejoicing around God's throne.

Lots of love, my dear friends,


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passing-thru said...

DAVID -- THX FOR UPDATING - I am glad I stayed on long enough to see this