Monday, August 6, 2007


Devotions this morning , was in John's gospel 21 chpt. Disciples were fishing all nite, U all know the story but what stood out for me was , Jesus had fire and fish and bread waiting as they came to shore, Priority with Christ was the fellowship -- not the "needs" or requests -- Verses 12 and 13 says that Jesus dined with them, FELLOWSHIPPED with them. What HE desired was the fellowship , quiet, intimate , -- that tells us ALL ABOUT GOD ---- HE already knows our needs , may we FELLOWSHIP with HIM today --

Remember the needs - Arlene, Heather , Heb friend that lost a son and has cancer - ron lisa - Feliso's husband Gunnar - Donna's oldest daughter Jennifer , Heb healing - David and Carol and Carol's heart - Terry's Dad -- As U know there are so many -- LORD BLESS ---


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