Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just got on the internet -I was busy tonight with company - "Pals" has been quiet , quiet is good - did any read Heb's comment on one of these posts tonight -- I think with her mom feeling the weight of her dad's medical verdict and the busy homelife and along with Heb caring ways . I think it would be good to pray special for her tonight and tomorrow pilgrim pals -- leave her some good comments -- she has been a "faithful" prayer partner -- Thursday at 1:00 her dad will be at the doctors -- plus- lets remember Vicki, her post on her blog site showed her strength is in the Lord and what a blessing to read that -- Claire's post this morning , WOW - what can I say -- inspiring and faith building -- Remember Julie, Lil M as she sorts thru life's issues , still standing on the ROCK and thats what we all do -- will type these names and U already know the needs :Arlene, Heather, Claire's Jim , Saija's Leo, Heb's Dad and Mom, and Heb herself , David and Carol, Felisol's Serina and Gunnar, Vicki her health and her husbands complete heart healing - and for all the pilgrims to read Claire's post and Vicki's post on her blog for they speak VOLUMES of faith --- STAND STRONG in the WORD and knowing we are weak and without HIM can do nothing -- NEW HOPE , NEW ADVENTURES , NEW CHALLENGES -- pilgrims like Heb needs our prayers -- let us rise up and pray -- lets support these young faithful Christians that pray for us older ones -- GOD BLESS -- the devil won't let up and neither will we with GOD'S HELP ----



Saija said...

i'm so glad that God knows and cares for each of us, His children ...

passing-thru said...

HE does INDEED , amazing this GOD of OURS ---
What a privilege Saija to have such a HEAVENLY FATHER , Real, Personal , Caring -- He has been with us every step of the way --