Thursday, August 16, 2007

Psalm 34



passing-thru said...

Thanks for sharing Saija --- your a blessing to "pals" -- We are blessed to have Terry, Claire, Donna , yourself, Heb, Prayingsensfan, Lauren Mary and Lauren mae , Vickie , Lisa J, Felisol, Arlene , Heather , Jel , Julie Lil M , and Julie sweet inspirations, and probably others I have forgotten, but a SOLID CORE OF BELIEVERS, experienced mothers of Israel. I guess David and I are the only men that help pray and support "pals" but this group had done a good work in CHRIST -- and no doubt the devil wants to discourage and disperse this group - "Pals" is unique in that it does not have a forum , but a fellowship of Christians praying one for another and holding forth THE LIGHT of HIS GRACE thru CHRIST , by FAITH , IN THE BLOOD, THE WORD, and by way of the CROSS

passing-thru said...

I forgot Susanwalkergirl -- oops , sorry Susan

Vicki said...

Beautiful. Blessings, Saija.

As this weekend approaches, I'll be praying for each of you individually as I'm still learning your names and backgrounds. Thank you for the honor of being in this sweet praying group of brothers and sisters.

The Lord is great and worthy to be praised, y'all. (yep, I'm a little bit southern)