Wednesday, August 1, 2007


The God of the Bible has showed Himself to be A Loving Creator, making every effort to have a relationship of trust and love and fellowship with His creation. I read the other day, He said , forty years I saw you thru, protected you , fed you, guided you the wilderness, and then He says this , even while I was doing all this for you, you had hidden in your secret places, idols of Molech and some other god . I believe without a doubt that The God of the Universe cries, and He cried over the Hebrews not really desiring an intimate family oriented relationship with HIM. ----- I am ashamed that even now , so often I don't make the time to spend with HIM.

My thought for this evening and henceforth, To make the time for it shows HIM , that I do care and I want to sit at His feet and tell Him how grateful I am . My almost 62 years and so little time have I made for Him . By the Grace of God , that will change. ---- passing-thru


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Passing-thru, you have just expressed what I was thinking! God is so loving and I feel I don't spend nearly enough time with my Lord - just praising Him and telling Him I love Him.

Lord God, I do love you. Forgive me for my lukewarm approach to you! I repent for making other things idols before you. Lord I praise you - you alone are worthy of our praise and adoration. Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God - Holy Lamb of God - worthy are you. I bow before you now and worship at your feet. With the angels in Heaven I sing "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty" Jesus, thank you for taking on all my sins. I am truly sorry that I ignore you for the pleasures of this world. Lord, I pray that you would give all the Pilgrim Pals a fresh revelation of who you are - give us wisdom in witnessing to this world. Help us be as cunning as wolves but as gentle as doves. And, Lord Jesus, give us a strong desire to spend time with you! Protect us from our enemy.


jel said...

I 2 think this could bee said for all of us, if we are really honest with ourself !


passing-thru said...

Jel, I think at looking at the Word, the overwhelming evidence is that sinful man will do anything BUT spend time with Our Loving Father , its a shame that I as a regenerated in Christ, restored by the 2nd Adam don't take more time to walk in the Garden with Him .
Am going to try and change that routine for sure - and - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ------- :-)

Anonymous said...

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