Sunday, August 5, 2007

What Happened?

Dear Friends:

All of a sudden our sidebar just disappeared. I noticed Passing-Thru's (Bob) post about the sidebar but it was still showing up on my screen. Now it's gone!

Bob is convinced that Satan wants to destroy these blogs because they exalt our Lord Jesus. I agree with him.

Let's pray that our efforts to pray for one another won't be hindered by the evil one, the father of lies. Pray that the sidebar with all of its information will reappear as quickly as it disappeared.



1 comment:

passing-thru said...

WOW -- I thought maybe U removed it -- but I agree about the devil

As these days come and go -- activity from the devil will increase -- anti-christ -- false prophet and the world system -- of course the unsaved intellectual think this is all foolishness - doubts and discouragement will bombard Christians -- God is the same and we need to be planted on the ROCK and HIS PROMISES -- nite all