Saturday, August 18, 2007

By His Stripes....Arlene

Just In Case Your Were Wondering
I apologize for not blogging sooner, but I just haven't had the energy and didn't think I had anything interesting to say, so, here goes...I went in Wednesday to get my blood tested for the treatment on Thursday. When I got there yesterday I told the ladies that I thought I had another Urinary Tract Infection. They looked at the numbers on my blood test and agreed. My appointment was 9 am, so we were sure we would be out of there by 11:30---wrong!This time when they paged the doctor he called right back and said to give me another hour's worth of anti-biotic. They did. I was finished at 11:20. Hurray! When he called into the cancer center to see what they wanted, he told them to tell me to wait right there that he would be in to see me. Well, he didn't get in there until nearly 4 pm. You talk about tiring! The good thing is that there were two families that I have grown up with at church. We have all been married 29 years, our mom's all died 20 years ago...lots in common. While that certainly isn't an ideal situation, because that means everyone has something seriously wrong with them, it was great to spend time with them...ok, not that much time. Even that long got really boring! Actually, one of my friends was getting her blood tested because her blood is so low...I haven't been able to get in touch with her since we left, so I don't know what her results were.I guess I don't understand all of the time we had to spend there. Usually people in the Cancer Center are sick and surely don't feel like waiting that long. Thank God he is a good doctor!Anyway, we he FINALLY got there, he read the blood test reports and didn't seem to think that the blood levels were high enough for this to be an infection. He wanted me to go see a Uro-gynecologist. I called that doctor and can't get in until September 4th. What a long time to keep hurting. I am going to see if Am's doctors have one of those Specialist in their office. Well, Am checked with her doctor and they recommended the same doctor that my doctor did. She said they told her he is phenomenol. The doctor also took me off of all medications until we can find out what is going on. No more Erbitux either.
Thank you all for your continued prayers. BY HIS STRIPES

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Arlene -- the comments I just left on Heather's post is the same for U

I HAVE BEEN HUMBLED since first meeting U in here