Sunday, August 5, 2007


ARLENE AND HEATHER can use the army of the Lord , they have asked for the Pilgrim Pals to send PRAYER -MAIL to our Wonderful Counselor , so today brethren , REMEMBER THEM -

WE ARE BRINGING THIS PETITION again and again before HIS THRONE -The Author of THE BOOK, said to me thru the BOOK , that HE knows of our every need and that HE ANSWERS even before we ask . THE AUTHOR said that HE will INTERCEDE on your behalf, directly to the FATHER, HE will not entrust your petition to any other , HE ALSO SAID , "TO BE ASSURED"
Lord Bless you Arlene and Heather, and thankyou Claire for your good comment to Heather about Jim and his symptoms as well, I think that was so re-assuring to Heather --


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