Saturday, August 4, 2007

Prayer Request For Heather

03.AugStop the world..

I haven’t been feeling any better (I spent most of the day in bed yesterday while my mom came over). She made me an oncology appointment here at 21 Century oncology and they want to rule out brain swelling (I personally don’t think that is the cause, but better to be safe) So they have ordered an MRI for Monday. Its a really weird feeling, it is like everytime I sit up or lay down I feel like the earth is falling out from underneath me. My oncologist said that I had right side weakness, which Ive had since surgery and that my eyes “twitch”. That is what caused her to order the MRI.
So there is an update, I probably wont update again until after the MRI. I personally think that I pushed myself too hard last weekend (Awards Banquet on Friday, Wedding on Saturday, Church on Sunday) and I am paying for it now. Keep me in your prayers on Monday, not just for the swelling to NOT to be there, but that the tumor is completely gone, radiated, cursed at the root, stomped on, chemically and surgically altered etc…. nothing there but tumor bed.
I am alot more anxious than I am fearful. This will be the first MRI I have had since treatment and I am really curious to see if the treatment worked. There is part of me that doesn’t want to know and I am really not sure why. It is not that I am fearful, it really isn’t. MRI’s will be a regular part of the rest of my life, yet one good one doesn’t necessarily mean the waiting is over, it just starts over from there. Yet I know who holds my future, and He hasn’t let go of me yet….
For the Spirit which you have now received is not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption the Spirit producing sonship in the bliss of which we cry, Abba Father!


passing-thru said...

Heather , I don't know if anyone copied and pasted this to Pals - it dosen't matter , WE WILL REMEMBER AND GOD KNOWS that these prayers by His people will pray
Keep looking to Him
your a great testimony and yes we want this cursed tumor stuff to be gone --- GOD GRANT THIS FOR HEATHER

Pilot Mom said...

Heather, my husband who has just finished his radiation the same week that you did, has a lot of the same symptoms as you. I guess his is not that the world has dropped out from under him, but more like he is dizzy and has vertigo. His seems to be worse right now because of overdoing it also.

I'm praying for you. May the good Lord calm your anxities as you place your trust and confidence in Him alone.

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Heather, I am praying because of HIS STRIPES that both of us can be that shining example to the world when we are able to say CANCER FREE because of Him! I am praying for you and trusting God to heal you and put His loving arms around you and your family.

jel said...



passing-thru said...

Awake this morning to find these women supporting U Heather -- Great Testimonies they are and I know your able to find strength from them ---

passing-thru said...

Heather , just commented over at Arlene's site but this APPLIES TO YOU AS WELL -- Truth is truth and for all of us , HE IS OUR HOPE --

WE ARE BRINGING THIS PETITION again and again before HIS THRONE -The Author of THE BOOK, said to me thru the BOOK , that HE knows of our every need and that HE ANSWERS even before we ask . THE AUTHOR said that HE will INTERCEDE on your behalf, directly to the FATHER, HE will not entrust your petition to any other , HE ALSO SAID , "TO BE ASSURED"

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Father in heaven...we lift up our sister in Christ dearest Heather. Jesus...we give You praise honor and glory...and thank You for walking with Heather each day. We ask that You fill her with Your peace that passes all understanding...and the world will marvel. Jesus...immediately You stretched forth your hand and stilled the sea, healed the man with leper, restored sight to the blind and raised the dead. We know that nothing is too hard for You. We pray that Heather will receive a good report...that shows Your merciful hand at work. That the MRI will reveal that there is no tumor. May the twitching be a reminder that she needs to be mindful that she is healing and need to not push so hard...but allow her body to continue to rest and heal. In Jesus precious name we pray...Amen!

passing-thru said...

Good prayer Susan !
good advice too --- yes , we are remembering Heather, what a testimony she is of God's Grace, now we want her to be one of GOD'S HEALINGS -- thankyou Lord

Terry said...

Little is much when God is in it..Love Terry