Saturday, August 4, 2007

Update On Arlene

Health Update!
I haven't felt very good maybe the last three or four days and just couldn't figure out what it was. I am trying to learn to take cues from my body. I haven't had a fever and have kept going but just felt kind of yucky. Today I went to begin the new routine of Erbitux. It is something that I don't want to do, but am sure it is needed. I weighed myself at the Cancer Center and found I lost another pound since last Thursday. I haven't had much of an appetite this week. Then I discovered why. I believe that I have another Urinary Tract Infection. They checked for that and didn't have the results when I left. My White Blood Count was 15.4, which indicate infection. I also have been coughing some and ask the doctor about that. He sent me for a chest x-ray and I don't have the results of that yet either. He could not give me the Erbitux today because of the infection. He did however, give me an hour worth of antibiotic. He also gave me a prescription for the next 10 days for the infection. He does want me to come back next Thursday to begin the Erbitux. I may get a call tomorrow from the doctor's office and maybe not, just depending on what the x-rays show and what the urine test shows. I don't think they will call if he has given me the right antibiotic. So many now are specific to what is wrong with you. You know, I am so excited to hear Cancer Free!!! I am so ready too.Love you all!


passing-thru said...

ARLENE -- your name and Heathers is spoken as one when I pray - we pray every day for both of U - your a testimony to so many -- WE WILL RENEW , WITH VIGOR , your name to the Throne by the Name of THE GREAT INTERCESSOR ---

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Thank you so very, very much!

passing-thru said...

JESUS OUR HEALER --- continue to look UP
U have many praying , imagine , that OUR GOD is hearing all these petitions for your health
We can rest assured that the petitions we ask are going thru the NAME that moves HEAVEN AND EARTH ------------

passing-thru said...

Arlene , I just commented over on your site , here is a copy of that comment - Lord Bless U today --

WE ARE BRINGING THIS PETITION again and again before HIS THRONE -The Author of THE BOOK, said to me thru the BOOK , that HE knows of our every need and that HE ANSWERS even before we ask . THE AUTHOR said that HE will INTERCEDE on your behalf, directly to the FATHER, HE will not entrust your petition to any other , HE ALSO SAID , "TO BE ASSURED"

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Father...we lift up our sister in Christ dear Arlene. We thank You and praise you for healing her body of the cancer. You the Great Physician have touched her body...and we fall before You in thanksgiving. Jesus...we now lift up Arlene and ask that You will once again reach out Your hand with the healing touch and allow the antibiotics to do that which they are designed to do...may they eliminate any infection in her body. May the X-ray bring a good report. We ask You to give the doctors great wisdom as they treat Arlene. Help Arlene to be patient and rest as her body heals. Give her Your peace...the peace which passes all understanding...and remind her of Your care for her and each aspect of her lift. In Jesus name we pray...Amen!

passing-thru said...

Thankyou again Susan
Some day we will find out just how important our prayers were down here --

Terry said...

Love you Arlene..Love Terry