Saturday, August 4, 2007


Can U see God in a face - Can U see Him in a deed The scriptures tell us that we beheld the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ and we seen the Love of God in the Cross of Jesus Christ -- My sincere desire is that all around me will see this Christ in me and that His Light will so shine that it will bring men to Him . We see and feel love in a face , like that of my granddaughter shown here above BUT God so loved the unlovable that He gave us His Son -- What a Hope, What a Salvation , What a GOD


Pilot Mom said...

Isn't she just so precious?!!! What joy grandchildren bring to the family unit! :)

jel said...

she is a doll!

and yes i know ya can see God in a face, and a deed !

cool post!

good nite all,

have a great sunday!

passing-thru said...

Thx Claire and Jel -- yes she is precious and all of these emotions have been put into us by a LOVING GOD -- imagine , made in the IMAGE OF GOD -- what potential we have to do GODLY THINGS

passing-thru said...

If U click on the photo , it will go full size ---
One can see why God says the kingdom is like a little child