Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Quiet here in pals tonight - thats ok , we have been on quite a crusade for 3 months now - A special thankyou for Vickie having joined us and addng such good encouraging comments - I prayed for Curious servant today and hope that God is able to work in their lives ---

SOME FOOD FOR PILGRIMS --- I am absolutely convinced that there is NOTHING that can come across a child of God's life that God does not allow - and because He allowed it , means that we can get thru it , saying that does not mean that I or U won't question, complain, or feel alone at times . The entire bible is written with the purpose of showing to the saint, that HE , our Heavenly Father is MINUTELY INVOLVED with every aspect of our lives. I Cor. 3 talks about THE CHRIST , THE TABERNACLE MADE FLESH, THE TABERNACLE IN THE WILDERNESS , THAT FOLLOWED THE ISRAELITES, THE PRE-INCARNATE CHRIST, THE LIVING STONE, THE CORNER STONE , THAT HE is THE FOUNDATION on which we have been built upon and that NO OTHER FOUNDATION IS TO BE LOOKED AT OR CONSIDERED- ON HIS BLOOD AND SACRIFICE ALONE , WE HAVE ASSURANCE, for sins forgiven and a place guaranteed in HIS KINGDOM --- on nothing else are we the church to look at for assurance, not feelings, experiences, good works, dogmas, - ONLY CHRIST'S ATONEMENT TO THE GLORY OF THE LOVE OF GOD MANIFESTED TO HIS CREATION -- That should be enough food to last Eternity -- no trouble, pain, or doubt can stand in the LIGHT OF THE TRUTH OF THE WORD --



prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Thank you Passing Thru, you have no idea how much of a blessing yo are. Always when I feel down or discourged you have some thing here thet reminds me to keep holding on to Jesus.I know he is faithful.

Little Montreal Girl

Vicki said...

I agree with Little Montreal Girl-- you are a tremendous blessing! And remember, even when you don't see me or others post immediately, we are still thinking of the Pals and praying...this bronchitis has kept me dragging but I'll be back!

Bless you and thank you for pointing us to Jesus every day.