Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Hebrews 11:1... Our Lil Pilgrim Pal

Funny how we think” or “15 Very Sad and Serious Reflections”Taken from BHMA, a Greek Community Paper Funny how a $10.00 bill looks so big when you take it to
church, but so small when you take it to the market. Funny how big an hour serving God looks, and how small 60 minutes are when playing golf, fishing, or playing bridge. Funny how long a couple of hours spent at church are, but how short they are when watching a movie. Funny how we get thrilled when a football (or hockey!) game goes into overtime, but we complain when a sermon is longer than the regular time.  Funny how laborious it is to read a chapter I the Bible and how easy it is to read 200-300 pages of a best-selling novel. Funny how we believe what newspapers say, but question what the Bible says. Funny how people scramble to get a front seat at any game, but scramble to get a back seat at a church service. Funny how we cannot fit a gospel meeting into our schedule with yearly planner, but we can schedule for other events at a moment’s notice. Funny how we need 2 or 3 weeks to fit a church event into our schedule, but can adjust it for a social event at the last minute. Funny how much difficulty some have learning a simple gospel well enough to tell it to others, but how simple it is for those same people to understand and gossip about someone. Funny how we can’t think of anything to say when we pray, and don’t have any difficult thinking of things to talk to a friend. Funny how we are so quick to take direction from a total stranger when we are lost, but are hesitant to take God’s direction to be found. Funny how people are so consumed with what others think about them rather than what God thinks about them. Funny how people think that they can get more accomplished in a lifetime without God than in an hour with Him. Funny how everyone wants to go to Heaven provided they don’t have to believe, or to think, or to say, or to do anything. God bless you,Lil Pilgrim Pal


passing-thru said...

So true Heb -- still praying for U , for healing -- your a blessing in here -- Notice Heb , the excellent quality of Christians in pals -- experienced , seasoned, mothers of Israel -- this group enabled by God will move mountains for HIS KINGDOM -- no doubt about it --- the devil is breaking out in hives as he has seen the calibre of Christians here -- David , Carol, Terry, Saija, Claire, Donna, Heb , Prayingsensfan, Felisol, Julies, Jel, LaurenMary - Lauren-mae, Arlene, Heather, Vickie , Lisa J - yes indeed -- may we SPEAK OF HIM in WHOM WE HAVE TO DO

passing-thru said...

LOL -- just dawned on me -- Terry, U posted this for Lil pilgrim -- admit it --- she never posts, lol --
GOD HAS MADE A GOOD GROUP OF CONSECRATED CHRISTIANS IN THIS FAMILY -- let us be watchful and prayerful for the enemy will want to spoil it -- put some leaven in the lump --

David Warren Fisher said...

Lil Pilgrim Pal:

You definitely are a true pal! Thanks for your prayers, your encouragement, your support, your cards and letters!

Your contribution to PILGRIM PALS is appreciated more than I let you know. Thanks for all you do for us.

Be encouraged as you continue to trust Him and bless others.

Stay strong, dear one!


Terry said...

How could I not post it Passing-thru?
Hebrews is so special but I am so tired.
I will find a nice pictue to go with the post unless YOU can...from Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Mr. Fisher! Your little notes to me are more appreciated more than I could ever tell you...they are so encouraging. For years I had pen-pals, and then as we grew older I did all the writing, and they haven't written me in ages...they even forgot my birthday this year! and that used to be the one time I could count on mail from them! So, I know and appreciate the value of correspondence, even if it's just a comment here!

God bless you, brother! Keep looking UP!

Lil Pilgrim Pal

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie...

Did I keep you up late? I am so sorry if I did, please do forgive me! But I do have a lovely surprise up my sleeve...please just pray that it goes through! You should know by next Wednesday at the latest...

God bless you,
Lil Pilgrim Pal

Vicki said...

Heb, thank you for these reflections. Thinking of you during this post and praying the Father will send special encouragements your way. Just think how big and great and awesome His love is for you, and all the Pals!

Giving thanks for your love in Christ Jesus.