Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This business of working for a living - whew ! TIRED -- LOL -- my dear wife Joanne, smiled after I kissed and hugged her when I came home and said , man this job is tough , she said , U are praising the Lord for this job aren't U ? , I said, YES MA'AM --- GOD IS SO GOOD -- each lunch time , the foreman and myself have talked about things of God -- he is certainly warming up to gospel things --- we talk about 15 minutes and each time I can see him "hungering" for more truths - he is saved and just needs to grow in the faith , don't we all !
PUNCHING HOLES IN THE DARKNESS and strengthening the church -
A great verse I used the other day is -- Acts 26:18 Sums up the N.T
I AM SO IMPRESSED and pleased as David said earlier today with the "MOTHERS OF ISRAEL" praying and supporting people in here -- special thanks to Terry, Claire, Felisol and Vicki for their motherly roles --- good stuff --- THANKS DAVID FOR CREATING THIS OASIS --- its been awhile since we went to Terry's porch and sit by her well box to draw WATER OF LIFE --


Terry said...

Tired,eh Passing-thru?
Gracey and I are heading over to Mom and Dad Goldens'.
One more vacuum cleaning job and everything is done!
We want the place to be spotless tomorrow when the land lady comes to get the holes fixed!
"Neat stuff!"
Take care and good night!!
From Pligrim pal, Terry

passing-thru said...


hebrews 11:1 said...

Good night, Mrs Shirkie!

Crazy Pilgrim Pal here...hunting for the perfect camera bargain all day...no, not really! I cleaned up our pantry from top to bottom, because it looked as though everyone just threw the last co-op order in there (I think they might have in their haste to "clean" the basement!). Then I spent some time with my little sister giving her a Grammar test I wrote up for her--she loves tests, as this is only her second, and I make them fun for her! I hope she always likes tests, because I never did!
I just came back from my granparents'...they are okay. Who really needs prayer now is my mom-- for strength and wisdom to take care of us children. She has been really down, and I know there is a lot weighing her. It has taken some time, but I finally see my mistake in not admitting that it IS difficult or her to take care of us now...for the last 2 yrs. my dad was home, and now he works such long hours (leaves @6:30, home between 5 and 6:30--like tonight!). She says it is because she is older, and with her health not doing too well, I don't want her to wear out on us! I'm determining to help her more...And then there is my grandma,I know my mom is thinking of her, too. She wanted to go visit her, and it looks like she won't be able to. And her sister is coming up in 2 wks. so she has a ton more to think of, besides our usual round of fall fairs (my parents have a small business on the side). Please keep her in prayer, too! THank you!

Lil Pilgrim pal

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, my dad has an appt. at the arthritis clinic on Thursday at 1 pm...and they will have the results back from the tests, too. Please pray that he and my mom will have peace, and the doctor will have wisdom from God.
Thank you...I'm hoping I'm not asking too much for prayer!


passing-thru said...

U and prayinsensfan and your folks love God --- it is an honor to pray for them --

Vicki said...

Night everyone...

Heb, you can never ask for too much prayer! We will pray down those blessings for your mom and dad, and rest in His mighty good grace.

Vicki said...

PS--As I get to know more about each of you, I'm just tickled to see how God is working and blessing. To Him be the glory!

passing-thru said...

Aah Vicki -- so nice to have U with us -- U have been a blessing to us --- am glad your healing with that bronchitis and your husband is doing better --
The Gospel makes people better - I remember a very classy woman that was part of an evangelistic team and her livelihood PRIOR to salvation was not the best one - what God did and thru her but mostly GRACE for she was full of the Grace of God - U strike me as a graceful Christian , kind words and a loving heart -- we are blest to have U and Claire and Felisol and Terry and all the others -- Donna, Susanwalkergirl , Heb, Lauren-mary and Lauren mae , Jel and prayingsensfan and THE LIST GOES ON ----