Sunday, August 19, 2007

Daily Walk

Thankyou Saija for that picture and truth of God's Word -- I have a few old books , the last one of Francis Ridley Havergal , "Starlight thru the Shadows" it was published after her homecoming in 1888 - I had others of her's , Royal Commandments etc. - She was a woman of "means" and yet devoted ALL to her Lord , lived all for Him - a great testimony of That Old Time Religion - Holiness of heart and life -- people like these have helped formed the person I am today -- "A cloud of witnesses" . Also this thought friends, All who will live Godly shall suffer persecution -- its a given . Even though we may not hear of someone "moaning" or "complaining", U can be sure there are "trials" . On your way to church, U know how it goes - one spouse may be late in getting out the door, traffic tie up - nerves become frayed , spirit turns "sour" and then U have to put on your Christian "face" and smile -- lol -- we've all been there -- and then of course , there are the heavy trials that we encounter. The sum of all this is, that we should be praying one for another as often as we think of "pals".



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