Monday, August 20, 2007

Day Three

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

Well, we're into Day 3 here at Elim Lodge. I think my biological clock is ticking slower. I'm beginning to relax...I think.

This morning our granddaughter Victoria tried parasailing. Carol was pretty nervous about her going up 500 feet in the air but I went out in the boat with her and she did well.

Last night we had a wonderful hymn sing in the chapel that I thoroughly enjoyed. How thrilling to hear How Great Thou Art sung so enthusiastically!

Carol has a doctor's appointment in Toronto early tomorrow morning so she will have to leave Elim tonight and stay at our daughter's place in Toronto. I'll be Mr. Mom tonight and tomorrow morning.

Please continue to pray for us and we wait on the Lord concerning our future. God is good and we're trusting Him.

Lots of love, dear ones!



Terry said...

Gald you guys are having fun David but, PLEASE stay clear of that trampoline!!!
Or else we will have a third foot to be praying for!!
Julie's, Lil Pilgrim Dad and Pilgrim Davids!!

Am praying for Carol as I type...and for "Mr. Mom".
You are a man of many names Doc!..
..from Terry

David Warren Fisher said...


They got rid of the trampoline here at Elim. Too many 62 year olds were hurting themselves.

Praying fervently for your dad,


passing-thru said...

Nice to hear from U , David -- and for Carol , we pray daily -- Trusting God is in every moment of your life and we know HE IS

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Mr Fisher!

Mr.Mom...that remins me of that country sister used to sing it all the time during the lock-out year and she changed a few words, and called it "Lock-out Dad" started when a certian broadcaster mentioned being home with his children, and then another one said, "oh, so you are now not Mr. Mom, but Lock-Out Dad"...and my sister took it from there! Of course, you know I'm taking about the last NHL Lock Out right?!

God bless you richly,
Lil Pilgrim pal

Vicki said...

Good to hear from you, David. Your granddaughter's name will be easy to remember as that's my own:-)

Praying for Carol, and for ALL your concerns, dear Pilgrim. The Lord bless you and make His face shine upon you!