Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heather's Family

10.AugYou are so very good!
I was sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee, and it dawned on me that I haven’t updated you on my family in quite some time. I keep you abreast of my cancer treatments and what not, but I really haven’t told you much about the normalcy of my families life!
Wednesday, I had a meeting at the school that Easton and Elijah are going to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was a planning meeting for the next year. I am really very thankful for this place, they are going to plan my lessons for me and send them home for the first three months, which is a HUGE blessing. We went and bought school supplies yesterday, which makes it so much more real for the kids! The school is considered an “Umbrella School” which means that they handle all of the logistics for me. They turn in attendance to the state, and do all of the testing, yet we are still considered a “homeschool family” by the state. I really really like the teachers there, we have the same philosophy on teaching which does my heart good. After three months, we will re-evaluate the situation and see where I am on things with my health. I would really like to say that I will be able to take over completely but I just don’t know right now. I cant tell you what an answer to prayer this is for me though, I really enjoy having my kids home with me but didn’t know how I could do it all. Yet another prayer answered
Emma starts school August 20th. She has been doing so so well putting sentences together and using her pronouns appropriately. I don’t know how familiar you are with autism, but they often misuse pronouns, for example Emma will often say “Where is her” instead of “Where is she” or “Emma wants to eat” instead of “I want to eat”. We have been working on that this summer and she seems to be getting the hang of it. I ran into her Teachers Aid yesterday while I was out and sadly, she wont be in Emma’s class room next year. I told her how much I really appreciated all she had done for Emma, but part of me felt really sad that she won’t be in her class on a daily basis. She told me that she would still see Emma (she is moving to a pre-k class) so that made me (and Emma) a little happier This summer Emma has progressed so very much, I cant wait to see the look on her teachers face come August 20th ( We’ve requested that she stay in the same classroom as she did last year)
So, the summer is about over. I am really excited about next year and all of the things that the Lord has in store for our family. I cant wait to get back to homeschooling, we have so many wonderful things planned. Emma is progressing far above our expectations, which is a huge blessing, and she hasn’t been sick all summer, which is a huge huge blessing.
Life is somewhat normal again, and that in itself is a huge answer to prayer God is so very good!


jel said...

Yes God is very Good!

passing-thru said...

Thanks Heather -- for updating on your precious family -- even now these eyes fill as I realise that people out there go thru so much, and yet their family lives have to make adjustments and your concerns for the children and spouses are still there -- I can't imagine , the same as with Arlene, or Claire taking care of Jim -- it makes me realise to fuss over some small insignificant "nothing" is a carnal shame. These lives in here going thru so much makes "one" focus on whats important ---

donna said...

Heather you continue to inspire me....trusting and loving God...

hugs to you